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The next step
Hi everybody those who dont no my name it is miranda.... I have tookin the next step in my relationship some ove you guys or girls might be thinking huh? Well im getting married my brithday is july 31 im young vary young havent even hit 20 yet! Now you people must be think damn this lilttle girl is "stupid" well i have no complant's about what you think but my impinon is that it does not have to do with how young you are or how old you are to get married as long as you no that one person is the right one.

How do you no if that guy or girl is the right "one"?

good question Miranda, well when you no the one person is right for you, your harte tells you ur mind tells you ur sould tells you, good point "Miranda" thank you! It dont have nothin to do with the way you guys act it has somethin to do with feelings and imotions....I have a question for you guys to answer tell me this what do you guys think love is?

and if you guys have anymore articals you huys want me to put out let me no.
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