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Rated: GC · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1517028
Cut, remove, clean, dry, stuff...and repeat.
Light beams down through the old windows, and dust enters and exits from the lights net, flowing throughout the room and showing to mortal eyes for only a short time before once again to disappear. An empty room, not large yet not small; For only a table sat in the center, shining onto to it the sunlight from the outside world, nothing could escape it's entrance. The only sounds coming where that of a struggle, someone was trying to escape, someone was restrained.


A light set of footsteps broke the silence of the abandoned dark warehouse, even paced, rhythmical, he was in no hurry. A turn on his part, and the room became his view, and there sound stopped. Dark emerald eyes quickend, the sound of struggling continued as the figure again approached closer to the gleaming table, invisible to the boy. Baited breathe, he waited upon a word, at least a reason, an explanation perhaps, but he knew in a young mind he would never get one. This had to be a nightmare.


More solid footsteps, and he rounded the metal table, and stood hovering over the young boy. Not even twelve, and he struggled desperately, his wrists caught between ropes, cutting, pulling at him when he tugged at them, wanting to know about the world around him. A black cloth encircled his mouth, and wove behind the back of his head, tyeing off above his neck, blocking out the world from his view. He bore no shirt, socks or shoes, but wore the same blue pants he wore before he lost his ball, before he went into the ally, before he was knocked out.

Struggling, and soon as dark eyes observed the small child, a slight damp imprint on the gray tape, as it slowly grew the more he cried through the gag over his mouth. A hand movement, and a shiny, silver blade, a knife came to rest at an angle against the boy's chest directly at crossway between his nipples. Instantly, a muffled gasp, and then followed by tears and whimpering, all mixed together. Dark eyes twinkled in hidden excitement, the knife pressed down, and the skin imprinted slowly, making the boy begin to scream, as slowly the skin split and blood began to slowly ooze from the wound.

“MPPPHMPPHMPHNPMH! Mph-mph-mph-mph...”

His eyes twinkled sadistically, watching in pleasure as the bright blade began to travel downward, and the boy began to flail again, screaming at the top of his lungs, as blood began to flow more...more. The knife reached his soft belly, and sliced through it like butter. Such soft flesh. The knife dipped, and he adjusted his hand angle, and the knifes angel, as he then sliced through the young boy's belly button, and continued down to his waist and ceased. Such a shame...such sweet flesh. Without explanation, without cause, and without even seeing it while it was so close to him, the boy's belly and chest were opened up, and the highest blood curdling scream could be heard from the poor child, yes...all he could do was scream.


One by one, piece by piece. That was the way it was done properly, with care until the end. Slowly the creaming reached a peak of his voice-box cracking, and then another sound accompanied it, a gurgling liquidy sound, as the boy tried to cough. By now he must by chocking, drowning in his own blood, as slowly the stomach was removed, then the intestines, then the bowels. Slowly one by one they were cut out, and soon the boy would die of his mouth now filled with his own blood, as it began trickling down through the tapes sides down his cheeks and onto the table. His entire body was twitching, as like with all humans, the body really didn't know what was going on.

Blood drenched his hands, and everything around him, but the dark shadowy figure continued, as he now entered his hand into the boys chest, now gently plucking his diaphragm before moving finally to his desire.




The boy was now unable to do anything, already on the brink of death, as the man placed his hand around the boys small beating heart, and gently tugged at it. A gentle tear from several arteries, and it ripped; Almost instantly the boy fell motionless, killing him instantly. All fell horribly silent, as the blood poured in small waterfalls onto the floor, all the blood in his body spilling out of the severed arteries, as the figure's mouth became crooked. A sneer, and he squeezed, as the heart pumped faster, compressing and compressing...


His entire arm, his coat, his everything, now covered with blood, and his own muscles retracted, and the small now heap of reddish flesh fell to the floor with a sickening splat caused from the already flowing blood. A rolling. A cart was pulled next to the man, and he began his second chore.


The rest of the bleeding insides were removed, a nightmarish surgery, as everything inside was completely taken out, all the remained were the bones and the skin and out features. The skin itself, nothing left to be held fell inwards and the man set down his blooded gloves, revealing almost perfectly clean hands, as he store down at it, turning, without a word and exited, leaving the body to dry, where the stuffing would begin. Footsteps, and the door closed, leaving the mutilated remains to soak in the cleaning liquid, and then be dried off later on.


He struggled, he couldn't see anything, couldn't hear anything besides his own whimpering and soon yells of panic through the tape on his mouth. Starring upwards, tied to a cold stone table; His bare back and skin cold from the temperature of the metaled table. He struggled, and then heard a noise, a door opening, in that room, and he began screaming again, asking for help, begging. He wished it was someone who could help, he himself was about 13. No help would come, and nothing would for any of the boys, one each room, fifty rooms. Oh yes, such a lovely collection it would be once finished.

It would take time...but one step at time, and it would happen, his desire would come true.

The boy screamed, and he struggled, knowing now as the blade cut through his chest, that he was dead, knowing that as the already red blade sliced through his soft belly, that he was doomed...knowing that as the blade slit through his belly button, and his belly and chest were opened up...that he was this was the end.


One by one, boys of ages from 11 to 15 were gathered, strayed from their parents in parks, playgrounds, malls, anywhere he could find, he knocked them out, and dragged them back to his lair. Each was then disemboweled, and dried, and then stuffed, where he then set their positions, and moved them into eternal positions with each other. Some were for fun, he would lay one down, and open up his mouth, and close his eyes in a giggling position, as another boy would be picked, suitable looking enough to be the younger ones older brother. There he would place the other one, his shirt off on the ground, the older one on top of him tickling him. If it was fate, and he stumbled upon two brothers in that age range he would take them both, but that rarely happened. He would also place them next to each other, and make one watch as his brother was disemboweled in front of him, before he got the same treatment.

Others were were complete objects of arousal, two boys, usually teens of 14 or 15 were both stripped of clothing, as he placed one on the other, one laying on his back, as he placed the others cock, permanently now “hard' due to a piece of metal holding it inside within the skin and fluff, into the other boys mouth. Giving him a permanent blow job. Both a pleasured look on their face when he moved their new glass made eyes around and eyelids. Mostly though he tried to make them brothers. An older brother giving the younger a noogie, the older giving the other a raspberry, the older snuggling up with the younger. So precious. That's why he needed to be able to watch them forever.

He could never get enough, his own brother himself, his “big bro”, at age 17, while he himself had been 14 was raped and killed by a gay murderer. Oh how he loved Rick so much, they would have tickle fights, play with each other on the couch, and he was so kind to him. To loose that love. To loose that peace, to loose your heaven on earth in the blink of an eye...it was almost enough to make you go...insane...
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