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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Comedy · #1517426
International spies working undercover.
Write a dialogue-only tale involving the lesser known perils of international espionage.

Written for 'Dialogue 500' (Third place, 01/19/09)
Word Count: 414

“Welcome to London, can I help you, sir?”

“Yes, Arlene, maybe you can.”

“We try to please, here at Cheap Way Airlines. How did you know my name?”

“Your name tag…pinned right there…”

“Oh my gosh, of course. I forget it’s there…very observant of you.”

“I suppose it was. Can you help me, Arlene?”

“I’ll try, sir. What can I do?”

“The carousel was empty.”

“Carousel, sir?”

“Yes, empty. My luggage failed to appear on the carousel.”

“Oh my, we can’t have that, can we?”

“No, we can’t. I flew in from Washington; on flight 218. Does that help?”

“Your name, sir?”

“Band…James Band.”

“Can you give me a description of your luggage and its contents, Mr. Band?”

“Yes, a black, wheeled duffel.”

“And the contents?”

“I’d rather not disclose that information.”

“I can be quite discreet, Mr. Band…did you just wink at me?”

“No…well yes, I did. Can you keep a secret, Arlene?”

“Your secrets are safe with me, James. May I call you, James?”

“James? Yes, I wish you would. Now, my luggage…”

“Your secret first, James?”

“Ah…yes, my secret. Lean closer, Arlene.”

“Is this close enough?

“Close enough. I am a spy and my bag contains mini-cameras, bug detection devices, wigs and makeup.”

“Wigs and makeup, James?”

“Yes, occasionally I must disguise myself and vanish in the crowd. You have beautiful, full lips, Arlene. I hadn’t noticed before.”

“You flatter me, James and your secret will never be revealed by these lips. What else is in your bag?”

“There is a book.A valuable book that can never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.”

“A book?”

“Yes, a book of government classified codes.”

“I have an idea, James. Why don’t you wait in the bar on the other side of the concourse, while I search through my computer, I’m sure I can find your luggage.”

“A Scotch on the rocks does sound comforting. Will you join me later, Arlene?”

“It would be my pleasure, James.”

“I’ll be waiting then.”

“Boris, why you not answer your phone?”

“You must learn patience, Sergei. I felt the vibrations, was to busy to answer.”

“And the book, Boris. Is it the right book?”

“Yes, Sergei, it is the right book…is the duffel on the flight to Moscow?”

“It is done; our mission is a success, Boris. Did Band suspect anything?”

“He was fooled, Sergei. He’s expecting me to join him in the bar, but I think Mr. Band will be disappointed, although quite charming.”

'Third place in 'Dialogue 500 Contest*Bigsmile*
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