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I'd like to share today's thoughts about my new President
Write a story or poem referencing the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.

I can only speak about the feelings I have on this special day. With tears coming often to my eyes, I watched the inauguration of my country’s 44th President. What a wonderful moment it was when I heard President Barack Hussein Obama take the oath of office. He stumbled a bit with the first lines, and that just let me hope he realized how important his job will be.

This young man probably will stumble some more in the upcoming years, but will President Obama remain the calm, pragmatic man he presented himself to be over the long campaign? Is he truly a man of honor? Is he ready to lead us out of the many problems we face, both at home and around the world?

As I watched the ceremony from my small California home, I felt such joy when the cameras panned over the Washington Mall and showed all those people who had been standing there for hours in the morning cold. There were the faces of my fellow citizens, black and white, young and old, all standing together to welcome President Obama.

Vice President Biden has been high in my regard since I watched him during the Thomas/Hill event years ago. I wish him well, too, in his new job. Seeing our first lady, Michelle Obama, and her two beautiful girls on that stage reminds me again of how young our current President is and what burdens he is shouldering today.

I started out this morning surfing through various television channels while waiting for the inaugural ceremony to begin. Watching the various former Vice Presidents come down the stairs showed how much even that office aged those men. The moment when President Bush the 43rd came into sight saddened me when I heard people booing him. I’ve always believed that if you can’t honor the man, at least honor the office of President. Over the last eight years, we have been disappointed and severely upset by some of what that man did, and I wondered what he was feeling to see the throng of people cheering his successor.

Okay, I admit seeing my country’s flag had me puddling up. While listening to the minister share The Lord’s Prayer with us, I remembered learning those words as a young child, such a long time ago. Yes, I shed more tears! When President Obama (sorry, I really love those two words) gave his speech, more tears joined those of so many people in the huge crowd in front of him.

I realize Writing.com is a worldwide site. Will all of you, however, join this northern California woman in welcoming President Barack Hussein Obama and wishing him well? May the 44th President of the United States of America have the wisdom to lead us out of our various problems and the humility to stay humble among all the temptations of this high office.

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