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A prose poem - an introduction to Trash Talking 101...
I’ve explored the enormous depths
And fathomed the innermost reaches
Of human thoughts and purpose
For quite an appreciably long time,
Only to note the truly angelic qualities
That I and others bring to their happy,
Sociable, and often testy
Interactive, trash-talking times.
Besides talking bold, brash, hearty words,
We must actually perform soulful, honest work
In somewhat lengthy duration
In our blessed, jubilant social lives –
Associating our own guilt to those activities
Would surely spell imminent ruin
For our important efforts,
And alert everyone of our subconscious,
And highly deleterious ways.
Therefore, in a friendly, positive, and supportive way,
We are truly angels,
You and I,
Despite gravitating toward useless,
But hearty and meaningful,
Trash talk…
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