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Edition two of Miss Dinahs Newspaper
Hi Boys and Girls.
    MissDinah Dinasour your roving reporter here to tell you about what I have been doing since I last wrote to you. 
    I made it to Washington DC, to see the presidential innauguration,and my what an awesome site.  About two million people were there to witness this history makeing event.  It was wonderful.  I found a spot way back,but where I could see everything.  You know I am pretty tall.  It was really cold but the excitement made it worth while.  After the parade and all the events I decided that the Potomic River was too cold to take a bath in and I had better try to get to someplace,where it is warmer.  I decided I would head for Florida but my, that is a long way to walk.  Especially for some one who is as long and big as I am. 
    As I was walking around,I saw a train with a flatbed car.  Now that would be a way to travel.  If I got on the flatbed;just before the train left,maybe no one would know I was on there. There was a sign on the side of one of the freight cars that said,Florida.
    I climbed on the flatbed car and sure enough, the train took off just after I got on.  If any one had seen me,they probably wouldn't believe what they were seeing,or would have been afraid to say anything,for fear that some would  think they were crazy.  "Which by the way, If any of my relatives in the Green Forest could see me, they would say that I was crazy." 
    It was a good thing that I had my yellow straw hat with the flowers on it on. It did help keep me a little warm. After many hours we arrived in Florida and the train pulled into the rail road yard.  I quickly got off and luckily there was a park not far from there where I could go and there was a lot of trees, so I could hide.
When the next train came along.  I hoped that it would say something about the Everglades.  By that time I was pretty tired and hungry so I ate some grass and pulled a few leaves off the trees. It  would suffice me for a little while. 
    It was a good thing that  my great uncle, Hector T-Rex didn't come along.  He would have found some people to eat.  Talk about a nasty disposition, Uncle Hector, had one.  I learned not to bother him at a very young age.
    After a while I heard another train coming and it was a freight train also.  Lo and behold it did have a sign that said Everglades.
    There was another empty flatbed car on it too.  Just waiting for me.  I waited until the conductor and engineer  were through checking the cars.  After they went into the train station,  I snuck back over there and hopped onto the flatbed.  I hoped they wouldn't be too long.  I hate standing and waiting.  It was getting dark which was a good thing.  Hopefully they wouldn't look at the back of the train again.  About an hour later they came out and the train began to move.  By the next morning we were in the Everglades. As soon as the train stopped I quickly got off and headed for some trees.  I walked around and finally foound a swamp to bathe in.  I was having a great time until a crockadile came along and took a nip at me.  He made me angry so I kicked him.  He flew into the air and came down hard.  Serves him right for bothering a girl takeing a long deserved bath.  Well now I feel better and am enjoying eating grass and vegetation.  I haven't run across any news to report so far, so I will say Goodby and have a great day.  Remember to mind your parents and your teachers. 
                          Miss Dinah Dinasour signing off.

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