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In praise of the little ones.
The Gift Of A Child.

The steam rose off the path now the rain did fall.
The sky above was as blue as ever before
What a dreadful hot day it had been
Now little one refused to wear her raincoat
And to make her would be mean.

She was dancing under God's sky.
She was twirling in the rain
She was laughing under cool sprays
Till the sun came out again.

Her hair was getting damp now,
Her socks were drenched in rain
She was laughing at the blue sky
She was singing once again

And suddenly it stopped
The heat once more returned
We were left with the steam again
For the on taps had been turned-
Had been turned to off
Just as quickly as it fell

And my daughter wasn't pleased
This was not too hard to tell

She was dragging her feet now
Over remnants of the rain
She was searching for a puddle
She was searching in vain
She was frowning through the hot air
She was complaining once again
And she asked me in a small face
"What had stopped the rain?"

I said rain is a gift girl, cherish it whilst you can
Do you know after a sun shower
You often see a bright arch band?

It was in the afternoon, at the end of the day
My son spotted the rain bow and pointed up that way

Excited now together, they looked up hand in hand,
They danced their praises in a circle
Beneath the big bright band

Before it started fading I went to take a snap
But I couldn't get close enough,
So I called it a wrap.

The kids were not happy, they wanted it to stay.

Yet I explained it would not be as special
If we saw it every day.

A sun shower is lovely
A rainbow in the sky.
We see once in a while
And then they pass us by

So we can look forward to the day it comes again-
To play under a rainbow
Or dance in falling rain.

I thought to myself as they raced each other home
That they're growing up too fast
That they would leave me all alone.

Then I sighed and thought to myself
Of course in years they have to go
But my doors are always open
And my love will over flow.

My heart will rejoice, to see them again
And we will dance under a rainbow
We will go singing through the rain.

Unicorn star..

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