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It's here that we stand, rightly, by our own hand...
Spawning Self-Interest… A Prayer for Help

Thy orators speak
of the joyful, the bleak,
of Thy Spirit – and evils of Man.
Thy Countenance reigns
as we further our gains
in the realm of Thy Orderly Plan.

But, oh how we take
blindly filch and forsake
Thy Creation – our heavens – our earth…
How sightless we’ve been
and how reckless our sins
as we’ve struggled with this since our birth.

And now here we stand,
rightly, by our own hand
with the damage self-interests have spawned.
Thy delicate rules
have been breached by our tools,
with our selfishness – t’ward which we’re drawn.

Our planet has warmed,
it’s been altered – transformed!
There is doubt that the cycle will cease.
Our ice caps – they melt
as transgressions are felt,
and we’re told it will only increase.

Oh woe is the day
we will reap the decay
of our planet and what we have done.
We’ve set off events
disregarding dissent –
and there clearly is no place to run.

So what’s there to do
as it all goes askew?
We can start with our presence of mind!
We need to improve
how we live – how we move,
understanding the ways we’re entwined.

Our cultures have lost
within time-lines now crossed
so much knowledge of nature’s delights.
We cut and we burn
with such lack of concern
as we add to our increasing plight.

If we don’t amend –
grisly fates will descend;
we’ll be excised – expunged into dust.
Man’s moment in time
will fall short – right at prime,
as we fold to our greed and our lust.

We reach out to Thee
with strong hope that we’ll be
better stewards with what Thou hast shared.
We know we need change
as we view the long range...
God be with us!  We’re lost and we’re scared.

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