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by eggnog
Rated: E · Lyrics · Death · #1520018
another song
It's the same old story, ya you don't need to worry you see
Cause it all comes down to nothing, when it turns into something, between you and me
all these crazy's gettin lazy, their just trying to find a space in my mind
And it seems like lately, maybe I'm just gonna give em a try.. oh oh oh oh oh

It don't matter much no more, c'mon
Lets give a little bit more
Just a little bit more, she said
Maybe its all in my head
But I'm not waiting till I'm

I'm not waiting till I'm dead
I'm not waiting..

Its the same old story ya you don't have to say it again
I know it forwards, backwards, the beginning and the end, so
Take your test and put it to rest my friend
Cause the race was over long before it ever began oh oh oh oh oh

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