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The child's discovery of Holes ( in verse) (style of Shel Silverstein)
Hole Theory

There’s a hole in my donut,
To this end I have a query;
Where did the hole come from,
For this I have a theory;
There’s a hole in the ground,
And a hole out in space,
There’s a hole in my underwear,
There are holes everyplace…
Under trap-doors , on rooftops,
In the walls, on the floor,
A small hole in my stomach and
My heart can’t take many more,
I used to wonder often, quite often since birth,
Where did these holes come from
All over this earth…
In the ground, on the trees,
In the roads, on the land,
I may have the answer, I now understand;
There’s a hole in the donut maker
At the hole factory,
It’s a sinister plot, a bad conspiracy…
To put a hole in good things or
To put a hole in your life,
I’d give up a hole paycheck
And make you my wife...
If we could uncover the plot,
Expose this sinister plan,
But there’s a small hole in my theory
I don’t yet understand…
So, I’ll explore more whole earth catalogues
And read a lot more books,
I’ll write brilliant papers,
I will ponder, I will look...
Into the depth of the “hole” problem
I’ll explore one more time…
I’ll discuss the "Hole" issue
And stop this "hole" crime,
About this hole in your donut-
Watch it slowly disappear,
Meanwhile, if you want it or need it
I’ll gladly store it in here;
Cause I’m building and planning a "hole" storage bin,
For a dollar or two I’ll hold it,
Bring that "hole" right on in! [end]

dedicated to Wonderful memory of
Shel Silverstein

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