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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Gothic · #1520908
(an experimental piece)
Strings of veiled symphonies
Bowed in the tides of midnight hour
Circular arpeggios rippling the silence
As stone into aqueous font is dropped

Gargoyle wings and tail
Sailing through winter slipstreams
Of oblique cathedral landscapes
Climbing to heavenward hopes
Pausing upon the tapered heights

There she crouches on the steeple
Glistening chapel cross between her legs
The plaything of her past-times
A belltower prayer, the cantata begins
Swooping down to the hunting green
Ubiquitous whore strutting the grounds for prey:

A Succubus waltzing amongst
the Tombstones
Dancing mortal men to their graves
Gathering their souls up like
the Earthstones
Empty lives, from eternity she now saves

Singing through cedar forests
As white maiden summertime's lost
Eyes of sundown laced with silver
Redolent of incandescent hate

Impatience and naievity
Licking her ignominious path
Thoroughfares of nescience
Cascading down the entanglement
To groves of hormonal horror

Under the constellation skies
They pictureview their last serenity
Deflowering her in the lands of forever
Piercing with thorns, her sleeping ones
Hoping to wake them back and stain
With her blood-bitch scent:

And go waltzing about
the Tombstones
Wishing the night to never end
Candlelight burning under
the Spellstones
sending new initiates to her bed

Ascending voluminous incense
To the tavern of liquorous skies
Spirits hapless to hexations
Prodding for grounding-point planes

Perchance they enter the Witches' labyrinth
A wilting flower in the hourglass sways
Subjective last light sufferances
Micekind seekers of salubrious substance
Transposed to vampyrised element

Skeletal wings aloft and aspan
They aviate into nocturnity
Hastening white souls to the pearl of the sun
There she steals them in breath of moment
Before the schesis of oneness begins
Engrafting them down into the soils of satania:

Waltzing sweetly through
the Tombstones
Violins of destruction serenade
Unearthing the power of
the Hellstones
Beyond the light of lycanthrope unmade

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