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We were not in Georgia
"Rainy Night in Georgia" came from an a.m. station,
through the worn speakers of my pickup,
as we worked on steaming windows,
on a muddy July evening in North Dakota.

Through the worn speakers of my pickup,
came songs sung with feeling and passion,
done in 3 1/2 minutes to fit the time allotment.
Onto the next track, after a word from sponsors.

As we worked on steamy windows,
thunder outside and the radio blasting,
competed with the rumble of a big block Ford,
and sounds of our passion, to create a symphony.

On a muddy July evening in North Dakota,
after dinner, and a movie, with a pint
of Bacardi Black, we stopped at North Hill,
an hour before we had to get kids from the babysitter.

***Submitted to Thick with Conviction 22 February 2009***
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