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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #1521359
just a dream...or more?
Rain beats down upon the roof.
Clouds steal the midnight stars,
replacing them with splashing bullets.
We cuddle listening to our heartbeats.

The moon's light is washed away
making all dark and mysterious.
Wind driven leaves whip and blow.
Tree limbs scratch against window panes.
Eerie creaking sound, I hold you tighter.

Lightning splits the late fall skies.
A brilliant flash and all is dark,
as an electric transformer explodes.
Midnight, Halloween, and no power
a hell of a combo, I feel you shiver.

Here is where I am brave and manly,
pretending not to hear the creak and groans
of a thousand who-knows-what's outside.
There are candles in the kitchen drawers.
I'm not sure where the flashlight is.
It's hot in here, you feel nice next to me.

I'll go get a candle and make a little glow.
Slowly I creep, hand upon the wall,
13 steps to the stairs, 13 steps
down the first floor hall to the kitchen.

Curtains blow from a window forced open.
A drawer is open and cutlery glistens.
What is that in the shadowy corner?
Hand held high with a gleaming blade.

I turn to run through this dismal room;
footsteps clatter as I near my doom.
Swinging dining room door three steps away,
my heart pumps hard with death fear.

Suddenly a phone rings somewhere in my study.
No, it is the alarm clock, it is morning after all.
I am woken from the dream and all is normal.
It is still dark and rain beats upon the roof.
We cuddle a moment listening to our heartbeats.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1521359-Rainy-Nights-Dream