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by oreo
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A girl and guy dating, knowing that later on in the relationship, they will fall in love.
Even though it hasn't
been that much time
I have this feeling
inside me,
every time I look
into your eyes,
I can see myself with you
years from now.
I may still blush
when you look at me.
And you still
bite you're lip
whenever I look at you,
but I can tell
we are nowhere near over.
I'm not saying
that I'm in love yet,
and i doubt you are either.
But I have this feeling
that someday I will
fall in love with you.
And when I fall,
I'm going to fall hard.
Every time you smile,
caress my face
my heart goes crazy,
It has a mind of it's own,
I don't have control over it.
My heart chose you
and it seems as if
It's going to stay that way.
I get butterflies in my stomach
when we make love,
your hands caressing my body,
your green eyes
staring back into mine.
Your cool lips
all over my warm body
sending chills up my spine.
I do know that one day
I will realize that
I have fallen in love with you.
That day hasn't come yet
but now I'm wondering
when will it?
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