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first story I wrote about Cupid.
“Oh Cupid, just who I have been looking for.”

“I am sure your out here and just happened to run into little o’l me. Right, who is calling upon the silly name Cupid now?” Cupid said.

Maka looked at Cupid; His completion had darkened considerably with his jaunt to Rome. “Cupid, how often do I have to tell you that your name is not stupid? I like it a lot. There is no other name in Otherworld like it. Besides it just happens to be my best friends name and I will not allow you to take it in vain.” She said with a playful smile about her lips.

He could never stay mad at Maka for long. He spread his gauzy wings and flicked a leaf off his shoulder. Looking directly at Maka “you know flattery will get you what ever you want” He said with a wink and a quick twist of his full pouting lips. He held out his hand to her and away they both flew towards the new growth in the forest.

As they came closer they noticed that Urkie, the head Unicorn had a rider.

Bethany had heard a horse whinny as she was collecting nuts and berries. She hid behind a tree. The horse sounded distressed. Now she was hopelessly lost in the forest. She had found and helped the beautiful horse. She noticed a slight sparkling in the form of a horn on the horses head and she had just figured she was tired and seeing things. Then from no where she felt a slight breeze and two figures appeared. The man’s hair was the color of spun gold and his skin had a slight bronze to it as if it had been kissed by the sun. He was wearing white pants and shirt that seemed made of light. He was lean and muscular. His face displayed kindness with just a trace of rigidness. The female looked like a fairy; long red hair that framed her face setting off her pale perfect complexion and to make her look complete, vivid green eyes that seemed to shine.

Cupid looked at Maka and silently questioned the wisdom of their approach. At that Maka went over to the girl and spoke a few quite words and with them. Cupid took in every aspect of the girl before him. She was not completely human. He could tell because she was beginning to get her wings. They were just a vibration in the air around her, not quite visible to the human eye yet.

Cupid held out his hand to the girl on the Unicorn, and as he helped her down Maka introduced them. “Bethany here found our horse for us. She said he had a few scratches on his neck and she tended to them.” Urkie winked, whinnied and pawed at the ground. Confirming what Maka had just said.

Cupid knew that they all had to be on there way now. Unicorns do not scratch easily and that meant there was something dangerous somewhere near. Cupid took out his flute and played three notes and two more unicorns appeared.

Bethany dismounted as if she had ridden for years and walked three paces expecting to have them follow her. When she turned around they had vanished except for the horse she was ridding and he winked at her. She rubbed her eyes, and he winked again. She started to go back to him when she heard her mother call. As she turned away she caught sight of a silver spiral attached to his forehead. She turned and there was only a beam of light where he had been.

As they started getting supper someone knocked loudly on the door. Bethany looked through the crack in the door and noticed the white shirt that could only belong to Cupid. His hands were full of something. Bethany hurriedly opened the door. As Cupid stepped in the door, he could tell, Bethany was not just part fairy she was full fairy, how he over looked that was a mystery to him. She had a delicate face with huge sky-blue colored eyes, skin that was a honey color from her time in the sun and slight points on her ears. Her hair was the palest shade of blond with streaks of golden color through it. He searched the room for someplace to put down the reward that he had brought. .

As he looked around Bethany realized he needed to put the things in his hands down. She cleared a place at the table and directed him to it by lightly touching his arm at the elbow. When Bethany touched him, a tremor overcame her. It was as if she had known him all her life.

Cupid was standing and looking when Bethany touched him he felt a tremor. He could not believe this, a fairy among humans. Cupid set the things down on the table. “We wanted to thank you. If the scratches would have gone untreated he would have gotten very ill.” Bethany walked over to the table she had never seen so many kinds of food.

Cupid left the house after a wonderful a wonderful meal with Bethany and her “mother”. Then he set off to find Maka. She could catch him on all the news including Bethany. That was strange why was he thinking of her. Better yet why could he not stop thinking of her? There had never been one to catch his eye. He had played “The God of Love”. He had just never believed in the whole thing.

Maka had expected Cupid to come ask questions it was his nature. Maka knew that Cupid would love Bethany. She was perfect for him.

Cupid got all the news and gossip. He still could not believe that Maka refused to give him all the information on Bethany. He knew now, how ironic, he had fallen in love.

The story above was written for a contest on here Writing.com for Valentines Day in Feb of 2007. You had to include a human an animal, a fairy and of course cupid in some way. It did not win the contest although I did get lots of good reviews for it and I have decided to create a story that is a bit longer from it and that is what the following is if it seems repeated some of it is. It is also not finished.
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