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what i been working on in my hiatus from wdc
Character Outline.

Archie Falconer: One of the two central characters in “Good Morning, Burraford”. After he and Danny cancel their television show, Archie gets a job at the Burraford Newsagent, which he hates. The only bright points in his day are lunch, home time and the regular visits from Ally (Archie’s love interest). Eventually, he quits after much persuasion from Danny.

Danny O’Heare: The other main character in GMB. He is clearly more committed to television than Archie and so when the show is cancelled the owner of the Burraford Television Network urges him to apply for the open position as a host of a news program titled “What’s Happening”. When he secures the job and tells Archie about it the two argue, but reconcile before he leaves for Sydney. In the final moments of Episode 6: Goodbyes (Part One), Danny is involved in a serious car accident. After seeing no signs of improvement the doctors advise Archie that it would be best to turn off the machines.

Henry Jones: Producer of the Burraford Television Network. After Archie and Danny ask that their show be cancelled, he offers Danny a job as his Personal Assistant. He also organises an interview for Danny as a host on a Channel 4 program. His sister, Samantha, is wife to Brian Tisdale.

Allison Docklands: Archie’s love interest. The two first meet in the newsagent in which Archie works. They start seeing each other during breaks and soon become close friends. When she discovers that her boyfriend Nick has been cheating on her, she goes to Archie for comfort. In Episode 6: Goodbyes (Part One) Danny convinces Archie to tell Allie how he really feels but he refuses. Danny then contacts Allison and says Archie needs to talk to her about something and to meet him at his apartment.

Tina Spates: Works as a secretary at the Burraford Television Network (BTN). Dislikes Archie over a comment he made while intoxicated at the BTN Christmas Party. She has always been good friends with Danny and the two begin to date behind the ever-clueless Archie’s back.

Brian Tisdale: Manager of the Channel 4 Television Station. He is contacted by his brother-in-law, Henry Jones to ask if he could give Danny a job interview. Owing him a favour he agrees. After meeting Danny, Brian is impressed with the way he performed during the interview but opts for the more experienced Steve Johnson. However, when Steve declines the position for a lucrative movie contract in USA, Brian immediately calls Danny in for a screen test with Jane Westcott before eventually awarding him the position. After Danny’s death he decides not air the program out of respect.

Jane Westcott: A talented television personality that signs with Channel 4 after six years working on the Channel 2 Network. The female host of the program “What’s Happening”. After Steve Johnson pulls out of the position she suggests to Brian they call back ‘that kid’.

Nick McNamara: Allie’s boyfriend. She breaks up with him after finding out he had cheated on her.

Jacinta Hamilton: Allie’s best friend. She goes on a double date with Archie, Nick and Allie and likes Archie but he tells her he likes Allie

Jack Hilton: Owner of the Burraford Newsagent.

Steve Johnson: An actor on the verge of making it big Steve gets the job as host on ‘What’s Happening’ but leaves in favour of a movie contract in USA.

Lillian: Danny’s mother. Comes to Burraford after Danny’s accident and battles with Archie over who should make the call about Danny’s life support. Eventually she succumbs to Archie and disappears. Seen standing on a hill watching Danny’s funeral from afar.

However, I was thinking, seeing as Archie is the main character maybe it would be more shocking if he were to be in a car accident and danny is forcedto come back from his new job...readers opinions?
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