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We think of man as better than animals..
Man's Aggression

In spite of the fact that we think of man as better than other animals, we have to admit he is often much more aggressive. Even though education has spread throughout the world, countries still argue and fight with one another. Individuals still become very aggressive, even though they have all they need to survive - food, clothing and shelter.

Man is one of the very few species whose members may seek to destroy other of the same kind, despite the fact that he is supposed to be "higher" than the other animals. An individual sometimes enjoy hurting other human beings, even though, his / her conscience tells him/her it is wrong to do this. Other animals will allow a defeated enemy give in, or run away, yet man will fight to the bitter end.

Man is intelligent and can think about the results of his actions. Nevertheless, individuals continue to act in a way which will cause suffering to themselves and others. Man's brain has thought up many wonderful inventions. In spite of his intelligence, these inventions are often used for destruction. The human race now have enough bombs to wipe out every living thing on Earth. Nevertheless, we must continue to believe in, and work for, the victory of common sense over uncontrolled aggression.
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