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Writing Lesson 4: I feel the wolf is my Spirit Guide Totem.
Neat picture of a wolf in the pines by Kris.
My animal Spirit Guide is the wolf. I have chosen the wolf because of his loyalty, perseverance, intuition and spirit. A wolf is loyal to his family. He stays with his family until the end. I am loyal to my family. A wolf will persist in pursuring food for his family and fights to survive. The wolf was an endangered species years ago but they seem to flourish despite the odds. I have always been drawn to wolves. I have always thought they were beautiful and misunderstood. A wolf wants to raise his family and he doesn't want or need to hunt men. Why does men hunt him? Men say wolves have killed their sheep or cattle. Was men saving cattle and sheep for pets? Men eat cows and sheep. A wolf is just trying to survive like man himself. I have never looked into a wolf's eyes before except in pictures but I feel sadness and his eyes say "I won't hurt you. I am a spirit and I will protect you. Trust me." I have often wondered why I love wolves. After seeing pictures and statues of wolves with Native Americans and since I have Cherokee in me and that is why I am drawn to wolves. Native Americans have always admired them and see themselves in wolves. I see myself in wolves. I am trying to pursue a writing career and a wolf is pursuing food and a future for his species to survive the odds. If I was lost in the woods and I saw a wolf, I would be scared but I would look into his eyes and hope he saw me as a friend. I would follow him to guide me out of the woods and know he is my Spirit Guide. I have a CD of piano music playing with wolves howling and I feel at peace when I hear this CD. I feel like I am out in the woods in the snow and the wolves will guide me home.

Even though I haven't been around full blooded wolves, I have been around Keyshund dogs. They are half wolf. A neighbor woman had one in Tennessee named Muffin and she was loyal. She had puppies and I would play with them and I had no fear of them having wolf blood in them. A homeless man in a town next to mine had a dog that was part wolf and he would walk around town with the dog. I would stop and pet the dog and I saw compassion in the dog's eyes. The man wasn't very friendly but one time I walked past him and his dog whined and waved his paw at me. I petted the dog and the man smiled. The homeless man is a story in himself but I am focusing on the wolf here. Why did I choose the wolf as my spirit guide? I am an animal lover. When I hear a wolf howl, I feel they are expressing a message. I am not sure of what they are saying when they howl but I feel they are saying that they want peace, want to run free and they are our friends. Maybe they howl at the moon for guidance. Dog is man's best friend. A dog will defend his owner and give unconditional love. A wolf is capable of this, too. After all, people have pets that are part wolf and my mother's neighbor Payton{my parents and I live in Indiana now and have for years} is half wolf and he roams the woods and you do a double take. He looks exactly like a wolf and he wouldn't hurt anyone. A wolf is my totem guide. I trust a wolf with my life. He would defend me and lead me home if I was lost. Like Native Americans, he has been here a long time and can survive nature. Other animals don't hunt him. Man is the one who hunts him. Isn't it time we man made peace with the wolf and let the wolf be our guide? He is a spirit and knows the way home. A wolf. You are my animal spirit guide and you help me get in touch with my Cherokee side. I love you and would save you and all the other wolves and all animals if I could.
Picture of a wolf for NA Writing Assignment 4.
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Another beautiful sig of Dancing Fawn and her wolf Nikko by Angel.
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