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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1524572
Dream Flight Lover
Fly Through My Window Tonight

“I feel you pulling me” he said.
“You have a power somehow” he said.
“How are you doing this?” he asked.
“How do you know when I’m thinking of you?” he asked.

I answered “I know, and the power is strong.”
All the feelings are right, we ignore the wrong.
I answered “I don’t know but I was thinking of you too.
Somehow tonight I’ll make love to you.”

So I put on my dream wings
Get ready for flight
I’ll go to him
In his dreams tonight.
How strong are my wings
That are made of dreams?
I closed my eyes
Only a moment it seems.

I see him smiling on his pillow.
I know he thinks of me as he dreams.
I feel his arms around my body,
My heart feels his warmth.
He shows me my heart, holding it gently in his hands
Gives me his breath for my life to stand
Kisses away the pain and makes me smile.

How can this feeling be so strong and yet
No closer than dreams can our bodies get?
No matter though the distance be
I think of him, he thinks of me.
I open my arms as I lay down
I close my eyes, in his love I drown.

My body like a feather
Flies through billowy clouds
I’m directed by him, his heart beating loud.
He knew I’d come; he opened his dream for me.
I float to his side, see his sleepy smile
Pull back the sheet and slip down
Into his spooned form
My place of security, and rest.
Does he know I’m there?
Vicki Lynne 02-04-09
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