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Rated: 18+ · Novella · Supernatural · #1524710
Mystical worlds connect
The Highlands
By: Cat Walker

“I’m telling you – it was real!  Or as real as any dream can be.”  Jordan took a long swig of his beer.  “I don’t expect you to understand, but I do hope you will believe me when I tell you that I went somewhere last night and I never left my bed.”

Seth and Daniel exchanged glances.  They had known Jordan all their lives – and while neither man could quite understand or comprehend what their friend was telling them, they both believed that something had indeed happened to their friend in the wee hours of the morning.

Clearing his throat, Daniel studied his friend’s face before saying, “Could it be the story?”  The dark look he received had him smiling – “You’re a writer for God’s sake – I’ve seen you so far into the story you won’t have known your pants were on fire.”

Shaking his head, Jordan looked down into his beer.  “I’m not writing right now.  There’s no story running through my head, and believe me, I have never experienced anything like this before.”


Alissia glanced down at the map she had sprawled across the passenger seat of her rental car.  She felt sure that she would have made it to the castle by now – or at least to the town near the castle.  Laundry Castle.  She was excited to see it.  She had done her research and if it were all it promised to be, she would be able to start her project right away.

She wasn’t expected until tomorrow, but in her excitement she had started off earlier than expected.  Well perhaps it hadn’t been just her excitement.  She had woken early from a terrific dream.  She would have called it a nightmare, but that would have over simplified it.

Well, there was just one thing she could do.  Act like a lady and ask for directions.  Seeing a small town up a head, she slowed down and stopped near the pub.


Jordan felt the wind as the door opened and caught the scent.  It was the woman’s scent;  the woman from his dream.  “She’s here.”  He whispered to himself.  But Seth had heard him.  “What?  What do you mean?”    Looking around, Jordan saw the woman approach the bar, and then he saw a movement out of the corner of his eyes that had his hands curl into a fist.  ‘..And so is he.’  He thought.  (Talks to guys about man at pub)

Alissia sat down at the bar and ordered a half pint of Guinness, then spreading the map out in front of her, she tried to gage how far she had driven and how far she had yet to go. 

Strange warmth seemed to surround her and she looked up at the large mirror behind the bar.  Their eyes met.  She felt mesmerized – and she felt her breath catch as she recognized the man from her dream.

“Miss, miss!”  The bartender drew her attention from the mirror. “The gentleman would like to buy you a drink.”  Taking a deep breath, she asked which gentleman.  Nodding toward the end of the bar, Alissia felt a chill go over her as she spied a man with dark black hair smiling back at her.  While he was a handsome man, there was something about him that didn’t sit right with her.  She felt she knew him some how but… “I’m sorry, please tell the gentleman that I must decline.”  The chill seemed to increase and she wasn’t sure why, but she knew she should get far away from that man.

Next to her the barmaid hailed the bartender.  “I need two more pints Al” 
“Be right there Moll.”

“Excuse me, but perhaps you could help me?”  Alissia asked the barmaid apparently named Moll.  “Are you from America lassie?”  Alissia smiled back at her.  “It’s that obvious huh.”  Moll laughed a loud hardy laugh – “That it is, that it is.  Now what can I do for you?”

“Well, have you heard of Landry Castle?”  “Of course!” Breathing a sign of relief, Alissia smiled, “Great!  Can you tell me how far it is from here and how I get there?”

“I can do one better.  Daniel!”

Alissia turned and saw a tall handsome man approaching her.  “How can I be of assistance?” 

“She’s looking for Landry Castle.”

Alissia studied the man before her.  He was just under six feet tall with dark green eyes and dark brown hair. His voice had a definite Irish lilt to it.

Extending his hand, Daniel introduced himself.  “I’m Daniel Landry. 

“Oh, hello!  I’m Alissia Carter.  I believe I have reservations at your inn for tomorrow night.”

“Yes.”  Daniel nodded, and smiled back at her.

“I was wondering if perhaps you have a room available starting tonight.  I’ve arrived a little earlier than expected… and…” Alissia’s voice trailed off as they were joined by the man from her dreams. 

“I think we can accommodate you.  Allow me to introduce you to my good friend Jordon Lynch.” Daniel introduced them, “Alissia Carter.  From America I believe.”  Alissia could only nod, as Jordon took her hand.  Her breath caught in her throat as she looked up at the handsome man she had seen in the mirror.  He seemed to be looking right into her soul.   

Seth watched the exchange and then sauntered up to be introduced.  “And this is Seth Dalton.”  Seth took her hand from Jordan’s and brought it to his lips.  “A pleasure.” 

Feeling suddenly shy, she looked back over at Daniel, “I don’t want to break up your evening – if you would just give me the directions, I’m sure your staff…”

“I think we are done for the night.”  Seth intervened. 
Taking her hand from Seth, “I can drive with you.”  Jordan offered, sending his friend a not too friendly look. 

“Thank you, but I’m sure I could find it…”

“He’s really quite harmless;” Daniel chuckled.” and it might be a good idea.  We’ve had some bad storms the last few nights and I’m afraid it has affected some of the power lines.  The Castle is fine.  We have back up generators, but the street lights are all out.”

Just as Daniel finished speaking, she felt a chill and looked up as the man from the end of the bar walk by.  His eyes seem intense and directed at Alissia.  Looking away, she looked up at Jordan who was also watching the man.  He had put his hand on her shoulder in a protective jester. 

As the man left, he turned to look at her and for a moment she felt as if she could read his mind.  “I’ll protect you” he seemed to say.

Daniel spoke up – “Miss Clark, as my guest…”  Alissia looked over to him and smiled… “OK, you’ve convinced me.”

Gathering her things –the three men said goodnight to Moll and escorted Alissia to her car.  “I could drive if you’d like.”  Alissia hesitated a moment – ordinarily it would be against her better judgment to allow a complete stranger to drive her somewhere, but somehow she didn’t feel like he was a total stranger – she knew it was because of the dream.  As she wrested with her decision, he added – “I’ve only had one beer.”  Alissia smiled back at him “Alright then.”

After he helped her into the passenger seat, Alissia waited for him to get in – adjust his seat to the farthest position and start the car before she spoke again.

“Have you always lived in Ireland?” 

Her question caught him slightly off guard. “Yes” he said and then fell silent as he started to drive.  After a few minutes he asked, “Why of you ask?”

“I” Alissia wasn’t quite sure what to say.  She couldn’t say “I dreamt about you.” 
Turning in her seat, she studied him.  “You look familiar.  I thought perhaps we had met before.  Have you ever been to Chicago?”

“No I haven’t” Jordan didn’t know how to digest what was happening and drove on in silence. 

As they pulled into the drive, Alissia gasped in delight.  “It’s beautiful!”

Jordan glanced over at her again.  “Yes it is.”  Her face was glowing in the moonlight and he felt the urge to touch her face - to grab her ponytail and taste her sweet lips.

Shaking himself, he stopped the car and said, “I’ll get your door.”

Alissia was still looking up at the Castle, and she barely heard him.  When he opened her door she took his hand and felt a jolt like electricity spark between them.

Alissia looked searching up into his eyes.  Had he felt it too?

“Welcome to Landry Castle.”  Alissia turned and saw an elderly woman standing at the door.  “Martha, this is Alissia Clark – she has decided to begin her stay with us a day early.”  “Splendid.”  Martha looked to be in her early 80s  (Description)
“I’m sure you’ll be wanting to get some rest.”  Martha took her arm.  “Jordon, please bring the young lady’s bags up.”  Then patting Alissia’s hand she added, “I set you up in one of my favorite rooms.  I hope you find it comfortable.”    Alissia couldn’t help but smile down at the woman, “I’m sure I will.  Thank you.” and she allowed Martha to take her up to the room.

“It’s better than the photos.” she exclaimed as she walked in to the room.  “And believe me, I know something about taking a good photograph.  Whoever did your brochure did a good job, but it would have been impossible to capture the true beauty.”    As Martha started to recite the history of the room, Alissia allowed herself to drink in the beauty of her surroundings.

Jordon stood in the doorway studying her.  She was beautiful; more beautiful than his dreams had revealed.    Feeling that she was being watched, Alissia slowly turned her head and their eyes locked again. 

“Just set her bags over here Jordan.”  Martha motioned toward the chest at the foot of the large Victorian bed. 

Jordon nodded toward Alissia and set the bags down as instructed.  “Very good, now scoot.  This young lady needs her rest.” 

Herded out of the room, Jordan had to smile at Martha’s motherly attitude toward the woman. 

“Thank you.” Alissia called after him and then turned toward Martha thanked her as well. 

“You get some rest now lassie.”  Martha said from the doorway.  “Pleasant dreams.” 

Alissia smiled back, despite the shiver that ran through her.  “Thank you.  Goodnight.”

Turning from the closed door, she walked up to her bags and started to unpack. 


Falls into the dream

The castle was so beautiful.  She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of it, and as she began to wander through the rooms she felt compelled to reach for her camera.  But where had she left it?  Turning back toward the stairs that led up to her room, she saw him looking down at her.  ‘My oh my’ Jordan was a handsome man.  She looked up at him and their eyes locked.  She felt drawn toward him and started to step toward him when she felt a cold breeze blow between them.  Looking over, she saw the dark man standing in the doorway, beckoning for her to join her.    Looking back up at Jordan, she saw that he was now halfway down the stairs.  He also had his eyes on the man, but the look was a murderous one.  The wind blew again, and Jordan was push back a few steps as Alissia felt herself being pull toward the dark man. 

What was happening? She wondered.  She looked over at the dark man again and felt his anger as he turned it once again toward Jordan.  “No!’ she tried to scream, but her shout was lost in the wind.  Looking around, she tried to decide what to do, when she remembered, ‘wake up you ninny’ she said to herself.

Sitting up in the bed, Alissia wrapped her arms around herself as she tried to control the shaking that was taking over her body.  The room was ice cold and her nightgown was drenching wet.    Reaching for her notebook, she wrote about it.

‘… and then I awoke..  The room was cold, as if someone had left the window open in the dead of winter.  And yet, as I started writing all of this, the chill warmed.  I’m exhausted, but at this point I am a little afraid to fall back to sleep.  The dream was too real.”

Setting the book down, Alissia ran her hands through her hair and glanced at the clock next to her bed.  Three AM.  Hell of a time to be awake.  But she knew that she couldn’t go back to sleep.  No way, no how.

Dragging herself from the bed, she stripped out of her damp nightgown and pulled on her sweatpants, a t-shirt and a pair of socks.  Feeling warmer, she grabbed her zip up sweatshirt and left the room in search of the kitchen and a good strong pot of coffee.

She had a pounding headache and while she feels more than a little silly, she simply can’t shake the feeling that her dreams are something more; and it terrifies her.

She was on her second pot of coffee when Seth walked into the room.

He saw her sitting at the center isle, elbows on the counter, coffee cup between her two hands with her thumbs pressed into the area between her closed eyes.  If he didn’t know better he’d have thought she was nursing a hangover – but the look on her face told a different story.

Feeling his presence, she looked up and upon seeing him, her face seemed to light up into a smile.

“Hello,” she said quietly – suddenly very happy for some company.

“Good Morning.”  he returned the smile.

“I hope it was alright – I needed some coffee and I didn’t want to bother anyone.”

“That’s fine,  do you usually get up at…” Seth checked his watch, “4:30?”

Shaking her head with the smile still on her lips, she said, “No, I couldn’t sleep.” 
“I hate to tell you this, but people usually drink warm milk, not coffee to help them get back to sleep.”

Seth saw her shutter as if the thought disturbed her, but she kept the smile on her lips, although it didn’t seem quite as genuine.  “I guess I was done sleeping.  But I don’t want to be in your way...” She added as she started to get up. “You’re fine.  I was just going to get a little of the baking out of the way.”

Sliding back on to her seat, she tilted her head slightly and studied him “You’re the Chef.”  Smiling, “Guilty as charged.” 

”What made you decide to be a Chef?  Other than the obvious ‘I like to cook.’?” 
Seth smiled and said, “I like to eat?”  Alissia laughed.  “Actually, it’s kind of a family tradition.  My grandfather was a chef and he used to have me help him in the kitchen when I was just a wee lad.  I guess it’s those memories that got me hooked.”  Alissia nodded in understanding.  “What is it you do, when you’re not visiting Old Irish Castles?”

Alissia gave that some serious thought before she replied.  “I’m a dreamer.”

Seth gave her a puzzled look.  Laughing she says, “I’m a photographer.  I thought I’d come over here to get the feel of the land- sort to speak – and hopefully write some travel articles while I’m at it to keep the bills paid.”

As Seth turned his attention back to his work, Alissia stood up and excused herself; 
Despite the two pots of coffee she had drunken, she was still exhausted.  But not feeling quite ready to go back to sleep, Alissia grabbed her camera from her room and went for a walk around the estate.


His eyes popped open and he realized that it was morning.  How long had he slept? And how long had he been sleeping before that dream had started.  The dream, it was still fresh in his mind.  Picking up his notebook, he once again he put pen to paper.

The dream had been a lot like the others.  Only this time he knew the woman’s name.  But why was she in his dream?  True, she was a beautiful woman, and he was attracted to her, but that didn’t explain how she had been appearing in his dreams for the last three nights - especially since he just met her last night. And this time the man had shown his disapproval.  Jordan’s muscles ached as if he had been actually fighting that wind storm.

It was time to get some answers and this time he knew where to start.

Throwing on his jeans and a sweater, Jordan went down the hall to her room.  Knocking, he waited for her to answer.  “Ms. Carter?” he called out and slowly opened the door when he got no answer. 

Her room was empty.  The unmade bed told him that Sara, the hired help, had not made her rounds yet.  Walking up, he picked up the nightgown that was lying on the floor.  It was damp and he frowned down at it.  The notebook caught his eye.  “Journal of Dreams” was carefully written on the top.  Sitting down, he opened the journal...


Alissia felt exhausted, and very silly; a grown woman afraid to fall asleep.  But she needed to sleep – otherwise her vacation would be one blurry memory, and she would never get any work done.  And that was one of the reasons why she was here, to try her hand at travel writing.  She had taken a couple of photos during her walk, but her mind kept wandering.  She definitely needed to get some sleep.

Seeing her door open, Alissia said a silent prayer that the housekeeping staff was nearly finished and she could take her much needed nap.

When she saw Jordan sitting on her bed, reading her journal she couldn’t help the rush of anger.  “Can I help you with something?”  She said curtly.

“I want an explanation.”  He demanded as he indicated her journal.

Alissia felt her anger move up a notch.  “You want an explanation?!  That is my private property.  You had no right to read it.”

Slamming the notebook down on the night side table, Jordan stood up and was next to her in two strides, grabbing her by the arms – “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”

Alissia stood her ground.  “Listen buddy, I don’t know what you’re on, but….”

“That’s it isn’t it” he shook her.  “You’ve drugged me somehow and you’re making me think I’m dreaming – but you’re just writing the script.”

Alissia opened her mouth to respond but closed it again as she realized what he was implying.

“You had the same dreams” she whispered.
“Only because you put them there!” he accused her!

Shaking her head, she stepped out of his grasp.

“Listen, I can’t explain this… but I think we both know that, that isn’t possible – at least on my part.  I’ve been having these dreams since I arrived in Ireland, and I’m pretty darn sure we hadn’t met before last night.”

Jordan looked like he was going to say something but she held up her hand and stopped him.

“Look, I’m exhausted.  I’m running on little to no sleep and I have a pounding headache.  As much as I would like to get to the bottom of this, I really need to take a nap.”

Alissia looked up into Jordan’s eyes… “Please” she whispered as she suddenly felt herself about ready to cry.

“Stay right there.”  He demanded before storming from the room.  Alissia sat down on the bed and gave into her tears.  ‘I’m going crazy’ she murmured to herself.

She could hear him coming back down the hall and wiped the tears from her face.

“Read this” he demanded when he reentered the room.

Alissia took the notebook from his hands, and without a word opened it and began to read.

It was her dreams – but from his perspective.  His thoughts, his actions… closing the book she looked up to him.

“What does this mean?”  She whispered.

“I wish to hell I knew.”  He took his notebook from her, and sat down next to her.
“But I think we need to figure it out.”

“God I’m tired.”  She said more to herself than to him.  “But I’m… I’m afraid to go to sleep.”   

Her voice was barely audible and for the first time he noticed how exhausted she looked.  Putting his arm around her, he pulled her up against him.  “It’s going to be alright.”  Alissia looked up at him.  “I wish I could be as sure of that as you are.  I don’t want to have anymore of those dreams.  They seem...too real.”

“I know.”  Absently he kissed the top of her head.

Alissia allowed her eyes to drift close.  God she was tired.

Jordan was softly caressing her shoulder and she felt herself relaxing under its soothing spell.  When her head nodded down, she jerked herself awake.

“It’s ok” Jordan put his hand on her head and gently guided it back onto his shoulder.

“It’s alright.  You can sleep now.  I’ll stay awake and we will figure this out after you’ve gotten some rest.”  When she started to protest, he gently stroked her hair.  “Listen, we only seem to get pulled into the dream when we are both asleep.  You’ve been waking up and staying up –so I’ve been able to get some sleep.  It’s your turn now.”  Kissing the top of her head again he added, “Alissia, trust me.”

Looking up into his eyes she knew that she did.

Leaning forward, she kissed him softly on the lips and said, “I do”  Jordan kissed her again, feeling heat and something more.  But he knew she needed her sleep….  “Then sleep” he said standing up.

Jordan picked up both of the notebooks and walked to the door.  “I’m going to ask Daniel and Seth to take a look at these, and maybe together we can figure this thing out.  In the mean time, sleep!”

Alissia smiled back at him. “Thank you.  I think now I’ll be able to do just that.”


Jordan left Alissia and went in search of his friends.  He found Seth leaning over the stove taste testing his latest concoction.

“Smells pretty good, what’s in the pot?”

Wiping his hands on the towel he had tucked into his waist band, Seth turned back toward the cutting board where he continued kneading some bread.  “Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur” I’m making some filled pastries for tonight’s dessert.

“Sounds good enough to eat.” 

Seth smiled, “Maybe if you’re a good boy you can have one.”

When Jordan failed to respond, Seth looked up.  “What’s up?”
“When you got a moment, I have something I’d like to show both you and Daniel.”
”Alright.”  Looking up at the clock, “Give me 10 minutes and I’ll meet you on the deck.”

“Thanks.”  Jordan left Seth in search of Daniel, who as expected, was in his office with his nose deep in his accounting ledgers.

“You know, they have computers for that now.”  Jordan couldn’t help but jab at his longtime friend.  “Huh huh… and how am I suppose to get any work done with the main power still down?”

Jordan leaned up against the door jam, “Got a minute?”

From the tone of his voice, Daniel knew that it would be longer than a minute.  Closing his ledger, he slipped it into his top drawer and said, “What’s up?”


After they had all met on the deck, with a fresh pot of tea before them, Jordan waited for his friends to settle down before placing the journals in front of them.

“I’d like you both to read these, then swap and read the other one… then we can talk.”

Seth and Daniel looked at each other, and then each reached for a notebook.  Half an hour later, after they had each read both of the notebooks, they looked over at Jordan.

Reaching for some more coffee, Daniel took a drink and then nodding toward the notebooks commented,  “Either you are trying to take the woman’s perspective in a new story, or you have something to tell us.  Either way – I like the woman’s perspective better.”  He grinned at his friend.

“Very funny.” Jordan smiled thinly.

“Alissia wrote that didn’t she?”  Jordan looked over at Seth.  “Yes, she did.  How did you know?” 

“Coffee at 3:00 in the morning.  Where is she now?”

“She’s sleeping.”  Jordan told them about his discovery and the realization that they were only drawn into the dream when they both slept.  “So either we take shifts until this is cleared up, or we figure out what the hell this is all about.”

Daniel studied his friend for a moment.. “Somehow I don’t think shifts are going to be an option.  Something even tells me that separate bedrooms won’t be an option.”

Jordan looked hard for a moment.  “That will be up to the lady.” He said curtly.

Both Seth and Daniel’s eyebrows drew up. 

“Ok, damn it.  There is a definite attraction. Hell, the woman has been in my head since before we even met!  But somehow I don’t think Alissia is ready for anything like that.” 

“So,” Seth reached for his cup, “Let’s get to the bottom of these dreams so you can work on getting her out of your dreams and see where reality takes you with her.”

The men fell silent – each in their own thoughts.

“I think we should ask Martha what she thinks.”  Daniel finally broke the silence.  “She’s been at Landry Castle her entire life, and since the Castle is the location of your dreams…”  Jordon nodded in agreement.  “But I don’t want to worry her just yet.  Maybe we could do a little research on our own first.”  Seth sat forward.  “I agree too.  Martha may be able to help, but I would like to have a little more than a couple of dreams to take to her.” 

“Then let’s start in the Library.”  Daniel said as he stood up.


Alissia woke feeling refreshed.  Glancing over at the clock she saw that it was 12:30.  She had slept about 5 solid hours.

‘Just what the Doctor ordered.’ She thought.  Sitting up, she stretched and tried to decide whether she should rollover and try to sleep some more or get up. 

Her stomach decided for her.  She hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon and common sense told her that she should see if Seth was still serving lunch.

Throwing on some jeans and a tee shirt, she ran a brush through her hair and slid her feet into her loafers.  Taking a quick glance in the mirror, she decided she looked presentable and left the room.

She was relieved to find Martha in the kitchen.

“Hello, Alissia.  Did you have a nice nap?”  Martha smiled up at her.  “Hello, yes I did.”

“Bet you’re hungry now”

Alissia smiled, “Can you read minds or did you hear my stomach just now?”
Martha winked at her.  “If you were one of the lads, I’d say that was your mind I just heard.”  She chuckled.  “Sit yourself down there and I’ll get you a little something to eat.  By the looks of you, you could use a little fattening up.”

Alissia sat down on the stool Martha had indicated and watched in silence as Martha put together a plate of fruit, cheese, and bread.  Pouring her a cup of tea, she sat it down before Alissia. 

“Have the other guests already eaten?”  She asked as she reached for a slice of cheese. 

“It’s just you and the lads right now, and they can fend for themselves.” Martha replied with a smile.

Alissia studied Martha a moment before saying, “They’re your family aren’t they”

“Sharp eye” Martha winked at her.  “Daniel is actually the only blood relation, but I feel like the other lads are family all the same.” 

Alissia tilted her head and leaned forward.  “Have they talked to you about the dreams yet?”

Martha looked up and the smile drifted away from her lips.  “No, not yet, although I suspect that they plan to.” 

Alissia took a deep breath and tried to decide if she should talk to Martha about it all, or if she should wait for the ‘lads’ to talk to her.  “I’m not sure why I feel I should talk to you about this” she began, “maybe it’s because you make me feel some comfortable.”

Martha laid her hand over Alissia’s and patted it.  “Tell me only what you are comfortable saying lassie.” 

Alissia smiled, “The funny thing is, I feel like you may already know part of it.” 

Martha leaned back and studied her.  Then a frown developed between her eyes.  “He’s gotten in hasn’t he?”

Alissia felt a shiver run down her spine.  She knew without a doubt that Martha was referring to the dark man from her dreams.

“Who is he Martha?”  She whispered.  Martha shook her head and a look of dread took over her face.

Alissia took Martha’s hands in her own and tried to soothe the older woman.

“I haven’t seen him in the house.  Just in my dreams, and once at the pub.  I think he’s trying to get Jordan or me to show him something.”

“Jordan?”  Martha squeezed her hand.  “He’s been having the dreams too?”

Alissia nodded, “We’ve both been writing everything down, and we figured it out this morning.”

Martha closed her eyes and said something in Gaelic.

Alissia studied her a moment.  “What does he want Martha, and how can I stop him?”

“Not ‘I’ – we!”

Alissia looked up and saw Jordan standing in the doorway.  Daniel and Seth were behind him.  Daniel walked up to Martha and put his arm around her slender shoulders.  Alissia could see that Daniel was holding the notebooks and she understood that they had been trying to make heads or tails over what was happening.

Taking a deep breath, Alissia sat back and rubbed her shoulders.  A knot was beginning to form and her head was beginning to ache again.

“Did you get some sleep?”  Jordan saw the weariness creeping back into her eyes.
Lowering her hands, Alissia folded them in front of her and nodded yes.  Smiling, she tried to shake the feeling that was creeping over her.  “Five solid hours thanks to you.”

Seth walked up to the table and picked up her untouched lunch.  “I think you need something more substantial.”  Martha smiled up at him.  “Spoken like a true man.”

While Seth and Martha rolled up their sleeves and got working on a ‘proper’ lunch, Daniel opened the fridge and pulled out a couple of bottles of beers- glancing over at Alissia to see if she wanted one, but she shook her head no.  Jordan sat down next to Alissia.  Opening the bottles, Daniel sat down across from them and handed one of the beers to Jordan, saying “Talk to us Martha.”

Martha set the knife she had been using down on the counter and looked over at Daniel.  “His name is Kenneth...”

“O’Connell” Alissia whispered.  The room fell silent and everyone stared at her. 

“That’s right Dear.”  Martha studied her a moment. 

Alissia looked over at Daniel, “He recommended your place.  This was months ago.  I was researching places to stay and one day I got a call from him.  He said he had heard I was looking for a nice place to stay and recommended Landry castle.  I never met him, but his name seemed to stick with me.”

“He’s a devil that one.”  Martha spoke vehemently.

“What’s he after Martha?”  Seth had paused in his preparations and had laid his hand on her shoulder.

“He wants the Castle;” she said, “and he wants her.”  She nodded toward Alissia. 

“Well, that’s not going to happen!”  Alissia spoke first.    Daniel smiled over at her.  “Lassie, you must have some Irish blood running through those veins of yours.”  Alissia smiled back at him.  “Darn straight!  You didn’t think I got all this red hair from a bottle did you?  My mother was a Farley - First generation.”

“And your Grandfather was a Donavan.” Martha nodded.  “Now that makes more sense.”  Alissia shivered.  “How did you know that?”  She heard herself whisper.

Daniel and Jordan exchanged glances with Seth.  Jordan put his hand on Alissia’s and said, “Martha has some special talents.” He said simply.

( TELL HER ABOUT MARTHA’s TALENTS)  … Martha goes on to tell about the history of the Castle, and why O’Connell wants it.  And if he gets it…  Martha shook her head…


“and that’s why he wants you Alissia.  If you can hand him the key and he gets your ‘interest’, he’ll own it all.”

Jordon put his arm around Alissia’s shoulders.  “He’s not going to get either.”

Alissia looked at him.  She was drawn to him.  Had been all along, and she suddenly felt very afraid for him.

“What’s his interest in Jordan?” she asked.

Martha shook her head, “I don’t know.  Not yet anyway.” 

Alissia looked at Martha, “I think he wants to hurt him.  I get that feeling every time we’re in the dream.  That’s why I wake up.”  She turned and looked over at Jordan, “I won’t let him hurt you.”

“Let him try.”  Jordan said off handedly and rubbed her back to comfort her.

She saw something in his eyes, heard something in his voice that told her that he meant to protect her, and that he may even welcome a little fight with the dream weaver… and Jordan saw the look in her eyes as well.  Reaching out, he touched her face. “He won’t win.”  He said softy to her.  Alissia smiled and turned her face into his hand and kissed his palm.  “No he won’t.”

Then she straightened, “There is one way to have all of this over and done with….”  Jordan said “No!” before she could continue.  Alissia smiled at him.  “I know, but if I leave, then he won’t be able to use me anymore.”

Martha went to her.  “Ah, Lassie.  He reached you over in America.  He won’t give up that easy.”    Martha held her hand up and continued before Alissia could object, and leaning close to her, whispered in her ear, “and Lassie, your heart won’t either.”

Alissia looked into Martha’s eyes.  She understood what she was saying, and despite her ‘talents’ Alissia couldn’t believe it.  She wanted to say that there was no way she could have fallen in love with Jordan that quickly.  They had just met…and they hadn’t really even kissed…

Standing up, Alissia needed some space; breathing room to sort through her thoughts and her emotions.  “I need to take a walk.” she announced, turned and left the room.

Jordan started after her, but Martha stopped him.  “Not yet boy.  The girl needs a little time.”  Jordan looked over at Daniel who nodded in agreement.  “Shit’ he said under his breath as Seth handed him another beer.


Grabbing her camera, Alissia strolled out of the Castle and began to wander through the fields that surrounded the estate.  She cleared her mind of everything, and she allowed the beauty of the land to wash over her.  She let her camera hang by her side.  She didn’t want to concentrate on anything.  She didn’t want to compose, she just wanted to experience the beauty and allow her mind a few minutes of peace. 

As she wandered into the small forest that surrounded the Estate, her mind seemed to switch on.

‘This hadn’t been the plan.’ she thought as she kicked a stone in front of her. ‘She wasn’t looking for a relationship.  She wasn’t looking for love.’  And yet she knew in her heart that somehow love had found her.

Lust.  The word seemed to echo past her. ‘Well, that would explain some of it…’  It had been a while since she had dated anyone.

Lonely.  Was she lonely?

Alissia stared down at her camera.  ‘What was she looking for?’ she asked herself.


She felt him before she even heard him.  The chill was there again.
Turning, she saw him just a few feet from her.  He smiled and his eyes seemed to draw her in.  “Just think about it.”  His whisper was like the wind in her ears. 

Then she could see them.  Jordan and herself, feel them touching, intimate.  Lust.  She felt it.  Wanted it…. and she felt herself leaning toward it.  But it was the chill that stopped her, and she knew it wasn’t Jordan.  She blinked and looked at him again.  It was Kenneth who stood so close to her.  Turning her back to him, she saw that she had dropped her camera and picked it up.  “There isn’t anything I want from you.”  She said somewhat shaken. “Not now, not ever” she spoke with conviction.  Then she walked away, back toward the Castle.

“He’ll never have you.”  He yelled into the sudden storm.

Alissia started to run and didn’t stop until she was on the stone steps of the Castle.  Then she finally looked back.  No one was there, and the wind had died back down.

“What happened? Are you alright?’  Jordan could see that she was out of breath.  He had seen her running toward the castle and had come out to meet her.  Turning around, she walked into his arms.  “Just hold me for a moment.  Please?  Then I’ll tell you what happened?”  Jordan held her close, burying his face into her hair. 

Alissia looked up at him.  Her emotions were a tangled mess, but she knew what she wanted.  Reaching up, she slid her hand into his curls and lowered his mouth down to hers.

The heat was instant. 

Jordan felt the spark of heat and pulled her in with him.  Her mouth was like hot whiskey, warm and intoxicating.  Pulling her closer, he molded her body into his and felt her quiver in response.  Trailing kisses along her jaw, he made is way down her neck and heard her moan in response.  Her hands dug into his shoulders as her body shook with the first quakes of desire.  “Jordan” her voice was a whispered plea.

Dragging his mouth back up to hers, he took more of her nectar.  His hands began a sweet exploration of her body, touching first the soft curve of her breasts, the curve of her thigh.  Reaching around, he drew her closer to him and she could feel his desire as well.  “I want you.” he whispered against her lips.  “Yes.” she breathed and looked up to him. 

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