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An elegy to Buddy Holly (Form: Kyrielle)
A generation's voice gone mute
in agony and pain acute.
Discordant words that lost their rhyme.
His rhythmic ripples flow through time.

He spoke of love and futures bright
with words and rhythms that excite.
He led the way, an upward climb.
His rhythmic ripples flow through time.

A skipping stone across life’s flow,
he touched our lives and did bestow
a cadence, echoing sublime.
His rhythmic ripples flow through time.

Prompt: Elegy

Form: Kyrielle form is very flexible, in that there are only three basic rules: (1) written in rhyming quatrains (4-line stanzas), (2) the last line of each stanza is repeated throughout the entire poem, and (3) each line has only 8 syllables.

Elegy content: First, there is a lament, where the speaker expresses grief and sorrow, then praise and admiration of the idealized dead, and finally consolation and solace.

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