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When will they stop pretending?

Thru the ages there have always been parents who will argue that their  Teenage Child(ren) is and will never be involved in any type of suspicious or malicious doing, irregardless of such claims of being "innocent and means no harm '  to cruel and devastating criminal activity.

I can certainly stand on a soap box  and sell snake oil. I would just like to  offer the ultimate remedy ;  Come one, come all, ALL you parents whose child(ren) are at home still, are being excellent and well behaved. Even if they have left the house to pursue a career, studies or what have you."  I bring to you the one and only cure known to have ever worked thru the ages.THIS potion is available in diffeent sizes to meet the family needs. No one should buy more than they need, for every parent knows their children welll and knows how much oil hey will ned to kep their child from misbehaving.  The one and most outstanding example is after Adam killed the snake, hid its skin and fangs, he had the entire body of the snake soaked in sea salt to preserve it and make a potion so no one could ever sin again. This proved to work perfectly, for EVE never asked him to do anything wrong  or seduced him TO SIN AGAIN. After this ancient and most valuable discovery, obviously in one of the best kept secrets of the world, this concoction surfaces back after the discovery and meticulous examination of the relics of the ancient tomb, the earliest known to man, where the paraoh hid and made thousands of small flasks, sealed with bees wax to preserve the integrity of the Garden of EDEN'S BOUNTY AMONG MANY OTHER ITEMS, THE HALF EATEN APPLE AND THE CORRODED GRAPE LEAVES WITH WHICH ADAM AND EVE COVERED THEMSELVES WITH AFTER FEELING SHAME FOR THEIR  ACTIONS.
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