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by Bruce.
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Things could be going wrong. Rhyme. Fiction.

Why don’t you show some love to me, like you once used to do?
You no longer hold me tight, when I make love to you.

Why don’t I get that lovely smile, when I walk in the door?
What’s happened to the welcome kiss, I used to get before?

Why don’t you come with me, more often, for a drink or two?
Why is it being with my friends, doesn’t appeal to you?

Why do you sit there quietly, just watching the TV?
Why not go and turn it off, and come and talk to me?

Why can’t we stop these boring nights, and make a brand new start?
I may just end up leaving you, and that would break your heart.

         Why don’t you show some love to me, why wait 'til we’re in bed?
         Why don’t you walk across the room, and love me now instead?

         Why do you never compliment, my hard work or my looks?
         Why take for granted I’m the one, that cleans an’ irons an’ cooks?

         Why do you never take me out, unless it's with your mates?
         Why can’t it be like it once was, those special loving dates?

         Why won’t you sit down by my side, while I watch the TV?
         Why don’t you take me in your arms, and gently cuddle me?

         Why can’t I see the love we had, why did it disappear?
         One day you’ll come into our home, and you won’t find me here.

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