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Poem for NA Writing Class. Lesson 5. Two extra poems about a NA woman.
Native Americans were first on the soil.
Raising families and surviving off the land.
To your people, you were loyal
then the white man arrived on American sand.

You welcomed them with open arms.
You taught them how to hunt for food.
Not knowing or suspecting they would do you harm.
They took from you and then they became crude.

You hunted the buffalo.
Not one part of the great beast went to waste.
The white man became your foe.
It all happened in such a haste.

You endured The Trail Of Tears.
You had committed no crime.
The tears you cried and all your fears.
Things got better over time.

You believe in the spirits.
The wolf was one of your guides.
From the white men, you took a lot of hits
and they gave you promises and lies.

Who could forget Custer's last stand?
The only known survivor was a horse.
The Native Americans were starting to get the upper hand.
The white men had some remorse.

Yes, my Dear Native Americans, you had quite a journey.
You fought for Freedom and the land.
You came to your spirits on bended knee.
They gave you a helping hand.

It has been hundreds of years.
History will never be forgotten.
You have freedom now. Ease your fears and dry your tears.
It was a long journey but you did win.

The winds blow and the spirits smile.
I am proud to be part Cherokee
and of those Native Americans who walked the extra mile.
You get a big Thank You and hugs from me.

Spirits NA Poems
Neat image of NA woman and wolves. }
Feathers and smoke
Eagle watching from above

Faithful wolf
Native American woman praising the spirits, trusting them
Always knowing her people will be protected

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Guidance and spirits
A Native American woman

Holding the cute wolf pups
Kissing their noses, laughing as they lick her cheek
She smiles
They know she is a Princess

Hopes, dreams guide her thoughts
Mother Earth smiles
This woman is the one
The tribe trusts and believes this woman is powerful

For now, she plays with the cute wolf pups
Tomorrow, she will be the one to save
The land with her faith, knowledge, spiritual love, patience
Her people flourish

Beautiful picture of wolves.
A neat NA Woman and wolf image by forsaken.
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