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Signature poem for MESSAGES ON THE WATER, available at lulu.com
I make paper boats
to follow random currents,
slip silently down flooded gutters
into gaping storm drains,
whirl on backwater eddies.

I send them light and skipping—
ski boats ripping through dawn
across polished lakes.

I send them slow and still—
windless frigates foundering
on outcropped thoughts.

I send them budding and abundant—
flower flotillas spreading out
like green sea bloom.

I make paper boats
to ferry vital bits of me—
dark chocolate craving,
love of deep red,
eddying, centripetal faith—

because a hundred years downstream,
my grandchildren wait
for messages on the water.

Contest/publish records:
UTSPS 2010, cat. 37, 3rd HM
UTSPS 2011, Cat. 40, 1st HM
NFSPS 2011, Cat. 12, 3rd place, cash prize
NFSPS Encore, June 2012
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