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by Vetack
Rated: E · Critique · Drama · #1527292
Short article on a club possibly for a story
The Club

The room was dimly lit with sherbet shaded table lamps set upon crimson adorned couples tables. The walls were a dark mahogany with rigid staggered border running the length of its bottoms and tops. A band at the front of the room played a slow and melodic tune as they were bathed in a soft glow of baby blues, bubblegum pinks and mellow yellows. The club crowd were scattered throughout the moody lit tables and the warmly lit bar at the back. The guys were smoothly sipping their drinks, glancing about the room. Casually smiling during conversation in attempt to play cool. The ladies, mostly wearing knee high dresses of burgundy, chardonnay, merlot wines pretend not to notice the onlookers trying to catch their eye. Couples seated at the intimately small tables leaned in close. Intently steady with their gazes towards each other engaged in concentrated conversation. Not hearing much what each said but seemingly content with the simple company of each other. It was the usual scene on a Saturday night. Adam and his friends Paul and Tony had become somewhat of regulars at the Blue Room. They had the attitude and swagger down pat that saw them effortlessly meld into this scene of laid back loungers and seductively soft spoken beauties.
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