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by Jezri
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The truth about drugs
Written for
A colorful contest that offers more.
#1308391 by SHERRI GIBSON

No Reason For Living

My pain and my suffering
Brought you great joy,
My heart just a trinket,
A bauble, a toy.

Kicked in the side,
Disrespected, abused.
An object of ridicule
To keep you amused.

I gave you my love,
My life and my soul
You threw it right back,
Leaving a hole.

Misery loves company,
But I am alone,
Beaten and bruised,
From the pain you have sown.

Shattered and broken,
Stained and misused,
No longer your toy
No longer abused.

No reason for living,
No will to go on,
No hope for the future,
No longer your pawn.

Now as I lie here
In the grave you have dug,
Waiting to end,
My life as your rug,

I remember your names,
You have many I know.
Alcohol, nicotene
Crack, speed, and blow.

I’ve known you intimately,
We’ve had some good times,
But those were a ruse,
While you fed me your lines.

I now know the truth,
Though I learned it too late,
I can’t turn back time,
I’ve accepted my fate.

But others I’ll warn,
Not to follow my road,
It all ends the same,
No matter the load.

Whether it’s cocaine,
Ecstasy or meth,
It all ends the same,

I wrote this for
A colorful contest that offers more.
#1308391 by SHERRI GIBSON
The prompt was No reason for living, but the subject matter and the last line were inspired by the Drugs Bring Death campaign that was started in Lima, Ohio after a young mother was killed during a drug raid in the middle of the night. She was holding her young child, who lost a finger when his mother was shot. There was lots of finger pointing, many blaming the police for raiding the home while children were present, others the mother for exposing her children to that life style. One man decided to place the blame where it truely belonged. He began by himself, standing alone on a corner with a sign that read, Drugs Bring Death. Now the campain has spread, along with the message.

DRUGS BRING DEATH. So simple, but true.
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