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One a day.....
For Valentine's Day this year
I gave my love, my husband, my friend
a simple blue notebook.
I started it a year ago,
the day after Valentine's Day.
Every page dated, one for each day
and on each one I had something to say.
For every page, a thought of love,
a reason why I love him.
Who knew when I started that
during the year
we'd get engaged, married too.
Yet every day it came to be
one of my favorite quiet time
and the hardest part was keeping
it to only one little, special, loving thing
and after a while, I simply wrote
what I wanted:
Some days only a word or two,
others a paragraph or three.

I wrote of such things as coffee in bed,
a timely hug, a thoughtful gift
or of understanding noises
when he had no clue what
I was babbling about.
Scribbled some days,
in inks of rainbow hues,
reasons deep, soul depth or shallow,
reasons selfish, loving, sweet.
Three hundred and sixty five reasons
why I have, do and will
love my wonderful, funny, loving
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