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A very normal romantic suspense story.
The Samuels' Story

         prologue : Vin Samuels' Amazing Personal Growth

         As a child, Vin Samuels once grew 4 inches in a year (1995)! He was only 12 years old that year. By the end of '95 he wore size 14 shoes! He literally had the biggest feet in Watertown, Wisconsin. Of course that wasn't much of a surprise when you wore size 21's when you were 17....


4          1                    Probable
4 1/2          1 1/2                    Probable
5          2                    Probable
5 1/2          2 1/2                    Probable
6          3                    Probable
6 1/2          3 1/2                    Memory
7             4                       Memory
7 1/2          4 1/2                    Memory
8             5             4' 6"          Logical
8 1/2          5 1/2          4' 9"          Logical
9             6          4' 10"          Logical
9 1/2          7          5' 0"          Logical
10          8 1/2          5' 1"          Growth
10 1/2          9          5' 3"          Growth
11             10 1/2          5' 5"          Growth
11 1/2      11 1/2      5' 7"
12          12          6' 1"          Growth
12 1/2          13             6' 4"          Growth
13          14          6' 6"          Growth
13 1/2          14 1/2           6' 7"          Growth
14          15          6' 8"          115 #'s
14 1/2          15 1/2          6' 8 1/2"          135 #'s
15          16          6' 9 1/2"          145 #'s
15 1/2          17          6' 11"          150 #'s
16          18          7'          160 #'s
16 1/2          19          7'          170 #'s
17             20          7' 1"          195 #'s
17 1/2          21          7' 2"          220 #'s
18             21          7' 2 1/2"          225 #'s
18 1/2          22          7' 3"          235 #'s
19          22          7' 3"          245 #'s
20          22          7' 3"          250 #'s
21          22             7' 4"          260 #'s
22          23             7' 4"          265 #'s
23          23             7' 4"          275 #'s
24          24          7' 4"          280 #'s
25          24          7' 4"          290 #'s
26          24          7' 4"          285 #'s

1. A Big Problem

         He had a problem. He was preparing for his wedding, and he was having trouble finding shoes that fit him, because he wore size 24 wide shoes. Vincent Samuels  was 7' 4" tall.

         Vin Samuels lived in southeast Wisconsin, and had done so all his life. You didn't move around a lot when you have trouble fitting in even big cars, let alone the small new cars they made these days.
'It was a wonder I can move at all', thought Vin sadly.

         Samuels was an aircraft mechanic. His hands were so big, he had trouble working on anything that was intricate. Fuel pumps and carburators were very hard to work on. So was the airframe. Sheet metals were also hard to work with when you took twice as long to finish a job than normal. However, his greatest strength lay in making love to his fiance. In her hands, his were as gentle as they came. It was too bad he didn't think they were as great as she did. But they were a curse when he was trying to find gloves and shoes that fit. His gloves were 4XL Men's.

         Chariti Braun was Samuels' fiance. She was wanting to make love to him, as he searched the Internet for his over-sized shoes. It was early summer, and the weather outside was hot and muggy. One thing they could both agree on was it was a good day for staying indoors with the air conditioning on.

         "Here we are, Chariti." Vin Samuels said as he finally found a Website that sold size 24 shoes.
"I don't care what you wear, as long as you're there." Chariti said, then giggled. She hadn't deliberately rhymed that phrase; but she loved puns. She couldn't resist that one.

          "No, but I don't wanna wear cardboard  boxes to my wedding, either."
She giggled again.

         "Well, Chariti, it looks like there's only one site that sells size 24 shoes."
"Really...." She breathed in his ear.
"Really. And it looks like I'm gonna be able to afford them, too."

          The site he had his eye on was offering black dress shoes at just about $120.00 plus tax.

         Samuels bookmarked the site, then turned his attention to Chariti, who was licking his ear. Chariti liked kissing, and when she kissed, she really kissed passionately. For several minutes they were locked in an embrace, and Vin couldn't let go. Neither could Chariti, and they didn't really want to anyway.

         "Ooooh, Vin, oh you good boy, you!" Chariti whispered in his ear between passionate kisses.
"You know, Chariti, that's almost an insult," Samuels teased, "You know I've always tried to be a bad guy in your presence. How else do you think I got up the nerve to propose? You know what they say about nice guys? Before I met you, I finished last in more than just running."
"I can't believe that, Vin!" She said as she kept kissing.

"It's true. That expression could've described me to a T."

He was kissing her back, but eventually had to release her. Reluctantly, he went back to the computer, found the shoe site again, and placed the order for the shoes.

         "I can't very well try then on. I'll just have to have them shipped. I know they'll be wide enough. They are 4E wide! I only need 1E based on the doctor's measurements last year. But size 23 just aren't long enough anymore! And my doctor says feet never stop growing! I'll never get any taller, but my feet will always get bigger! At least it was three years since the last change in size. It was just 1 year between sizes in high school. And I grew 2 and 1/2 sizes in 5th grade!."

         "Well I love you anyway, Vin. Your green eyes just turn me on! And that curly, short, dark hair of yours!"
"Thanks, Chariti, I love you, too!" Samuels said happily, "Now I know I chose right when I chose you for a bride." He even managed a grin.
They started making love on his king-sized bed. First she pulled his tee-shirt over his head. Next she started undoing his pants and unzipped his fly. Then she pulled his pants and jockey shorts down over his bare ankles, and tossed them in a corner of the bedroom floor. He was naked from the waste down. A few minutes later, he wasn't just naked below the waste, but above it as well....
She kissed Vin full on the lips. He had his mouth partway open, so that her lips rubbed against his teeth, which tickled. Then she straddled him and wrapping her legs around his legs took his penis up into her hairy crotch as far as she could get it....

2. The Wedding
         Samuels eventually got the shoes and they fit but now he had to get rid of his old size 23's. The Internet was the answer. He could probably sell them there. His brother still wore size 20 shoes and he was "only" 6'10". Their father had worn size 19, but Vin had grown out of them in high school. And the elder Samuels had been 6' 9". So Samuels placed an ad and waited for a response.
Vin Samuels liked to bowl. His bowling shoes were actually size 25. They didn't make any 24E bowling shoes. So last fall he ordered size 25D from a company in Canada. They cost twice as much as his dress shoes. His father, DuWayne Samuels had found the company that sold them just before a fatal heart attack last year.

He finally got a buyer for his shoes. He found a message on his answering machine after work one day.
"Hello, I'm John Schtrunk. I saw your ad for four size 23 dress shoes. I where that size. I'm 7-foot-2...." the deep voice on the answering machine gave his phone number.
Samuels called him back. "It's good to know someone else has big feet, too. What's your address?" He wrote it down on a piece of paper and said, " I can deliver them to you. When will you be home? OK, I'll be there, and that will save you some money, since I won't have to charge you shipping and handling costs. Bye now."
He met Schtrunk at the latter's home in Lake Mills. Samuels got $45 for his old dress shoes, about half of what he payed for them. He also gave Schtrunk a good price on his other shoes.
"I'm 35 years old" Schtrunk told Samuels, who said "I'm 26."
"I was never good at basketball, baseball, or football. I like to bowl, but I'm not good at that, either." Samuels added.
"You could be tellin' my story," John Schtrunk told Samuels; who smiled. Misery always loved company....
The 2 men walked away as new friends and with a deeper understanding. Both had gotten a good deal.
Finally the wedding commenced on August 1, 2009. It was a sweltering hot Saturday, and because it was fair weather, it was held outside. Samuels made a conscious effort not to stomp as he walked down the isle. His brother, some of his friends, and his mother were there to share in his happiness. They both exchanged vows, and when he kissed the bride, Samuels had to bend down so she could reach him.

Epilogue: Starting To Live Again

         He had already moved out of his place and into Chariti's larger house. As they lay in their king-sized bed that night, as side-by-side as they could manage, He said: "It's like I'm really starting to live again."

The end for now.
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