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A personal journey through pregnancy and miscarriage. Winner of 2 contests.
Something is different
I can feel the change.
It can’t be what I think it is,
Not after all this time.

We had just about given up hope,
Just about decided
It wasn't in the cards,
We would never have a child.

Sure enough it’s true
The little stick turned blue
There are no words
It’s so surreal

Happy and surprised
By this unexpected treasure.
We begin to talk and plan
Of the many things we'll do,
Our hopes and dreams for you.

But just when it begins to seem real
I can’t help but feel
That things aren’t quite right.

You are so small
Too small for the big world
But I hope and pray
That you will stay.

I whisper softly
To the little life inside me.

This is my prayer.
My one request.
There is so much for you to see
So much to know.
“Please grow.”

I knew the truth
Before the doctor came in
There was nothing to say.
So I went to the hospital
And they took you away.

But they'll never take
my memory of you.

Once for a little while
I had a life inside me.
A love so strong
But you didn’t stay long.

You died inside me
But the love lives on.
I’ll never forget
The little baby
I never met.
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