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by Z.G.
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When school gives you a boring essay, I write about an alien invasion.
-=Important Information=-

Back in Middle school, We used to get these boring essays, and still do, today in high school. No doubt just about every one of you you have had to write one. Well, I was bored then, and the topics drove me nuts, because you could never... 'Do' anything with them, they were intended for you to answer some annoying question in some bland way. So, I decided, to do things with the undoable, making things intresting, while at the same time (also the hard part) Answering the prompt. I did these three years back, and just now pulled them out for your viewing, and I have not edited them (no text changes, anyway), so there really not up to par as I would like. Also, By any chance you want me to fix or finish this, then, lemme know. I'll will get to it. (eventually)

Update: Well, I was asked to finish, so here I go. the in class assignment ended at October tenth of the essay, anything after that is being written now. And yes, I'm slowly taking the raw out of it. trying to write a story like a journal is hard. =\

-=The Assignment=-
Imagine living in a society where kids do not have to attend school. Instead, they are expected to teach themselves. Write an essay comparing and contrasting teaching yourself with attending school. Explain how you would teach yourself. What resources would you use? Describe several ways your life would be different if you did not have to attend school and several ways it would stay the same. Give specific examples.

-=The Essay=-

October, 8th, 2007.
4 days after Arrival day (A-day).

Its nuts, they have assumed full control over the city, or whatever left of it. Yet surprisingly, most of the city is still intact. I don't know about other places. Any way of communication that I can think of is jammed. Any building that did not suffer great damage was left alone, but for the ones that did fall, the erected structure of their own in its place. I don't like the feel of them...

October, 9th, 2007.
5 days after A-day.

Our "Space Buddies" have made announcements today. First off, any sort of activity like a club, even school for that matter, is to be stopped. Thank god, I hate school, and to me it works like this. "If you are able to do something productive in life or entertain yourself, School shalt come and get in the way, and thou shall be bored again!" or that's how I have written it in my bible anyways... BUT BACK ON TOPIC. That also gives me reason to worry. I am not entertaining myself, and I am not being productive according to the fact there is no school. So in the end, I got nothing they would want.

Now, second on our friend's agendas, everyone must report to the new structures on a certain day at a certain time to be "Upgraded." Now, what upgraded means? Please... DON'T ASK. You will get the same answer from me if you ask what 124231432.354 times 96956908.245 is, I don't know!

I picked up a math book to try to soften my boredom, and when school starts up again, I am going to be ahead. I hope it makes things easier for me. It's nice to try to teach yourself because your schedule can be more flexible, but the fact that I can't look at a textbook for very long without burning my eyes out my sockets is still there.

For example, Y - 2 < 6 + R/3.

Gah! What?!?!?!

So instead of me doing the problem,
I think up a sarcastic counter-equation:
Me loving math homework = Time paradox.

But then again, trying to just learn everything out of a textbook isn't the really easy to do. That's why they hire teachers.

I did not study L.A., I feel pretty good in those areas. Also, science I feel like I know A lot. In social studies, I just wonder what the use will be in a time like this. It just feels unnecessary because we have problems to worry about now, so why worry about ones in the past?

You know, since schools been out, I really don't know how my friends are doing and how they're handling this time. I hope they are OK.

Wow, I got off topic Big time.

Oh yea, The tower.
I'm going to check out the tower tommorow. I think we deserve to know what the hell is going on.

October, 10th, 2007
6 days after A-day

Oh my sweet mother of jesus...

...I was hiding hear an alley... near the tower...

People were just lined up to go into into that... thing. they walked in, and they came out... different? The looked like machines after they came out. Blue jumpsuits, Some metal plate And Their eyes... they were just so... Lifeless.

It didnt make sense, I heard a SCREAM from inside that thing... and yet nobody ran, nobody reacted. I saw they were all... leaning on a wall? I don't know... I just don't know.

October, 10th, 2007
6 days after A-day

...Everyones... gone... mom... dad... all to that blasted alien relic outside. They talk the same, act the same. They wont even address me by name. Just 60132...
My god, It just clicked... Its fucking slavery! There making us all comptuters? For what?


I'm supposed to go to the tower tommorow... What am I supposed to do?


...Mom. Dad.... I love you.
If you ever read this... You will most likely know I'm gone.
You taught me a lot over the years. I'm sorry i could not face you in person. No matter what, If you ever have the free will, or, i dont know, but if you can still care for me, I still care for you, and I promise, one day, I'll come back for you.





Febuary, 23, 2009
I saw this place... It looked so familar, old memories, and many things came back to me. I had to keep a promise... My hands still hurt... Taking that damn computer off of them.
...We won. The towers are in shambles. Those things are gone... Two whole years, fighting, with others... I can't belive its finally over...They fled, without a fight, even.

At what cost was it all worth?
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