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by Lyra
Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1530112
Just the first chapter, any constructive criticism is much appreciated.
Clarinda looked up her eyes peering through the darkness trying desperately to find the source of the shaking. Getting up she looked out the window squinting to see the ground below but failing miserably. Running downstairs in a jumble of confusion with her mother and sister she yanked open the front door. Jumping out she scanned her surroundings spotting an elderly woman lying on the ground. Running over Clarinda helped her to her feet, taking notice of her surroundings all the while. Then, the ground shock beneath them another shudder but stronger this time they were drawing nearer. Clutching the women’s arm Clarinda half dragged her across the road and into her house. 
                Once inside she slammed the door and called for her mother and sister while the tremors went on continuously. Clarinda felt tears on her face as she remembered the last time they had come. Clarinda herself had been only a child then but the memory was still fresh in her mind. One spring afternoon, a common time for children to be about, They arrived. Such a slaughter, mothers screamed as the saw what remained of their children, children screamed one last time as the saw death’s face before them. Snapping back from her reminiscence she spotted her mother. Raising my fear filled eyes to meet hers I whispered “they’re back”. As a mother she must have wished to assure her daughter that she was safe but the only way to do so was to be honest, warn her for what was yet to come. “Yes but I promise you, you and your sister” she said head raising to meet my sister’s eyes “you will not be harmed, I promise you that”. Hope filled me with a warm feeling, which was broken, as another deep felt shudder ripped through the earth making the very floor groan in pain. Quickly my mother hurried over to the elderly women checking to see if she was all right a smile and thank you assured her that she was. Turning to face us again I smiled at the beacon of hope before me, ridding me of all my worries, the light casting an odd glare on her face illuminating the lines and age creases I realized just how old my mother was.
                    I hurried out of the house, my mothers right arm around my shoulder left on my sister. Holding my hands tight together to secure my few belongings I turned around for one last look at my old life. The dirt wind road broken only by a few measly dead green-grey plants. The row of dilapidated houses, walls wind worn, windows broken, doors hanging weakly off broken, rusty age-old hinges. Sometime ago this had been a bright and virtuous place, before they arrived so my mother told me as I had been to young to enjoy or appreciate it. My eyes fixed again on my house and I blinked back the tears, yearning to return buries my head in my bed of blankets and forget this had ever happened. But I knew I couldn’t after this moment in time everything would change for better…or for worse. Turning to face the road ahead I noticed other people with their belongings travelling by whatever means from the direction of the shudders. I quickened my pace urging my sister and mother to do likewise not wanting to waste time needed to escape. Another loud shudder, my mother craned her neck to look around but nothing could be seen only heard. As a result this seemed to cause a stir among the other travelers many resorting to abandon their families or belongings in fear so they could run as far ahead till they were swallowed by the gathering darkness and seen no more.
                Later that night under the light of the moon I sat down beside my sister and began the daunting task of lighting a fire. I hit the two stones together as my mother had suggested and watched in awe as a flame flickered into life. Abandoning the stones I walked to my mother and helped her prepare a meal with the few utensils and food she had brought. My moment of comfort was lost as a scream sliced through the night. To my right I saw that someone had fallen, a young women. My mother’s grip on me tightened as she stood up straight to get a better look. Shuffling forward she gasped as she saw the arrow protruding from the women’s chest. Blood trickled from the hole and flowed onto the dusty ground. The woman was dead.
          I looked as I too noticed the arrow and froze as I spotted a man who clearly stood out from the crowd of travelers. He stood perpendicular to the ground; his heavy silver, grey armor reflected the pale moonlight giving him a ghostly glow. Under the many sheets of iron armor he was tightly clad in chain mail. A helmet on his brow told that he was part of the evolution army. In his hand was a slender bow made of fine yew an arrow already cocked. Other weapons ranged from small daggers to a long sword that shone in the moonlight. He was part of the enemies’ army.
            Looking around he surveyed his surroundings, eyes glinting behind his helmet. Tendrils of fear gripped my heart and I searched for my mother with my. But before my eyes could find hers another scream broke the silence. Glancing out into the darkness it became apparent that more of the army had arrived the same glint in their eyes as the first soldier all longing to kill. Panic rippled like a wave through the travellers many grabbing supplies and urging loved ones to move and flees. Others still were paralyzed to the spot the option of moving gone. My mother turned to look at us her face stern and fierce, “Go, take your sister and run” she whispered. I hesitated, I couldn’t leave her she needed me but her face was so stern she wasn’t asking us to leave she was ordering us to. I yearned to plead with her say that we could face them together but I knew it would be in vain. Without a word, I obeyed grabbed any supplies I could find took my sister’s arm and left.

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