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Saturday morning ramblings on God's superiority from an agnostic apostate.
If there is a God, a Supreme Being above all others, why does it require worship from a lower life-form? That sounds a bit insecure to me when it is, after all, supreme. Isn't it?

Or could it be this god isn't the supreme being above all others of which we've been taught throughout the millennia, when indeed -- in deed -- it is nowhere near supreme, but insecure, jealous, and needy?

Jehovah, YHWH, El Shaddai the god of the Hebrews, the Jews, and later the Christians, is a jealous god and not the god Jesus spoke of as Father.  How could a jealous god also be a God of Love, when love is not jealous or unkind according to the New Testament?

How could this malevolent destroyer of cities and murderer of infants be the same loving father of the man, Jesus, who loved children, and women, and men?

And if this supreme being did indeed create the universe and every spec, visible and invisible, and gave order to disorder, why is it hell-bent on destroying it all at a whim -- hell-bent on destroying families and cities, separate siblings and set father against son, daughter against mother, human against all creation? Just because it wasn't getting enough adulation from the worlds it had created?

Have faith!  I've been told, shouted from street corners and pulpits on high. Faith in what? This supreme being sounds more like a spoiled child in the midst of a temper tantrum because it isn't getting its way. Not very dignified for the Alpha and the Omega, the omnipotent one. God.

I call bullshit.
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