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I wrote it as a therapy exercise to read at Poetry Club.
I didn't want to let you know
That I took part in this
I tried to hide it, even if
It was implied
After all, I showed up
But I was afraid that I would be
A kid with a pencil
In a room full of artists
I pretend that I don't like to shine

I tried to fade into the background
But it wasn't right
I know that those who aren't hiding
Are found most easily
I tried to shield my light
I didn't want to disturb
But it was inconsistent with my personality
I am a naturally loud person
Who has been

It isn't that I'm afriad to share my feelings
It's only that I'm afraid to have feelings
It isn't that I'm depressed
It's that I'm terrified
Every single second
That I might become depressed

These are the kinds of therapy issues
That lead people to write
Poems about why we are too afraid
To write poetry

Is this where anxiety comes from
Or is this where anxiety goes when it's gone?
Is this the root of all my problems
Or is this the first step
Towards healing?
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