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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Crime/Gangster · #1531518
Fictional account of a married hispanic couple that get involved with crime

She sat there in the doctors office, she could hardly believe what she was hearing."I'm sorry Mrs.Calderon i'ts HIV. There's no mistaking it...we did the test twice." The doctor sat down at his desk and handed over the test results to Alicia. "Is there any history of intravenus drug use? I just think at her age it's a bit improbable she got it from having unprotected sex." But Alicia knew her mother well and even at 60 she was still fast. All these years living in New York and her mother still couldn't speak a bit of english. She had asked Alicia to come with her to the doctor to translate. They had told her to come in that it was important. She didn't want to go alone and she especially did not want some nosy nurse knowing her business just because she couldn't grasp the english language. Alicia's mother understood the word HIV though. She had seen enough english language commercials about it. "No there's never been any use of drugs or anything like that." The doctor didn't really look too convinced. "We need to know how your mother got infected, That way may be able to prevent someone else for contracting the disease". Alicia looked over at her mother, She asked her in spanish if she wanted to tell the doctor about the men...all of them. Her mother nodded her head. After a run down of her mothers sexual history Alicia left the doctors office feeling she knew too much about her mother. The doctor gave her mother what seemed like fifty prescriptions and dozens of appointments. Her mother looked as if she were walking in a fog, like if she were about to float away and dissapear at any moment. They stopped at the crosswalk, Alicia remembered when her mother used hold her hand when she would cross the street on her way to school. Now she would have to get used to the idea of her mother slowly or quickly dying. The doctor said the speed of that was left up to her mothers lifestyle choice. Alicia hadn't noticed her mother had walked away from her, she didn't see her mother crossing into the street while the light was still green. But she when she did look up she saw it. The bus had not time to stop. Alicia screamed then it was over.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1531518