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An essay on Adolf Hitler and his so called "achievements" as Fuhrer of Germany.
                                                                  Hitler and His Achievements

         Adolf Hitler. He built an empire from the ashes of an old one. His achievements, actions and ambitions were great and terrible. Some considered him to be evil. Others, a genius. Most will admit that he was both. No matter what people say, he was and still his, one of the most controversial leaders in history.

         Adolf Hitler was born in an inn at Gasthof zum Pommer, on 20th April 1889. He was the fourth child of Alois Hitler, his father, a customs official. Hitler himself said that his father was often violent to him and his mother which could his deep attachment to her and resentment towards his father. Hitler was only an average student but he under performed to aggravate his father who wanted him to follow in his foot steps as an customs official. Hitler wanted to be a painter. When Hitlers father did die, his school work improved but he dropped out at 16 without a degree. When Hitler was rejected twice from the Academy of Fine Arts, he pursued land scapeing instead. His mother died at age forty seven.

         Hitler, now a veteran of WW1, made an entry into politics. He favored a strong government with non-Jewish views. Between 1924 and 1930, Hitler was in prison, a candidate for president and served a term as Chancellor of Germany. In 1921 he gained leadership of the Nazi party. He felt it was the right time to revolutionize Germany. Hitler, along with a close party of about 600 supporters, Hitler built railroads,  cars, trucks, buildings and also factories, weapons, tanks and missiles. He was leading a blinded Germany straight into a war.

         Hitler held massive speeches and parades. He constantly bombarded the Jewish people, informing Germany that they were the superior race, and Jews were the reason they had lost WW1. Germany was entering a period of depression after the lose of the Great War. Hitler promised tom return power to the country in exchange for total control. He gathers his support from the middle class workers of the German Population. He continued to constantly attack Jews, using them as scapegoats for the economic trouble, eventually leading to the mass genocide, or, the Holocaust. His speeches, bribery and propaganda deceived the crowds into thinking that they were the master race, destined for a thousand year reign.

         Hitler called for a new election. The Nazi Party gained control, with Hitler at its head, and replaced the Weimar Republic. Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, as close as the country had come to having a dictator in control since the foundation of the Weimar Republic. Hitler readied his country for war.

         The second world war began and ended with almost all the major countries involved. Between 1939 and 1945, Hitler and his officials systematically killed between 11 and 14 million. Many of the Jews. The allied forces were under pressure and Hitler was presumed almost undefeatable. The war seemed to have no end as the Germans continued to advance on many fronts. New and powerful technologies were brought into play fro both sides. Hitler was close to developing, and possibly using, an atom bomb. Two years before the war ended, the allies seized the initiative. The pushed the thinly spread Germans back, while back home, the Nazis were falling into another political depression. Hitler, still planning his thousand year reign, strengthened Berlin with his available troops, as it was bombed by the read army. As the red army advanced, Hitler and his officials took refuge in bunkers in the parliamentary houses in Berlin. The Nazi solders were falling, as was the city. After the siege, Berlin fell, and the body of the great Adolf Hitler was found, chard and burned.

         One of the great mysteries of Adolf Hitler was his death. When Hitler knew the city was about to fall, he married his long time mistress, Eva Braun. His staff said both of them, less than 24 hours after marriage, shut the doors to their quarters and killed themselves using poison. It was said that Hitler couldn't bare to pull the trigger and die a solders death so he took the poison and one of his advisors shot him later. After much testing, it was widely believed that two badly burned bodies found buried at the Berlin bunker entrance, were the bodies of Hitler and Braun.

         Hitler controlled an entire nation with propaganda, bribery and cruelty. There is no doubt that he was a genius  but he paid the price of trying to take over the world, and so has his nation. The f for Germany dose not look so dark. It and Japan, victims of two devastating neucular bombings, are the only two known countries with neucular technology that have not chosen to develop neucular weapons. Perhaps they are learning from Hitler’s mistake.
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