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Everyone has a bad day every now and again...
Another Dismal Day…

What is happening?
Why is everything and everyone falling apart? 
Where are my allegiances supposed to be? 
I am in an insane asylum! 
No escape.
No end.
No hope. 
And it’s here I’ll stay
In another dismal day.

Dawn, anew - things fall a little further down. 
Minds slip a little further away.
Actions draw reactions that lure even more out of the psyche. 
I zigzag through life as days meld and disappear.
Options are few.
Miseries are many. 
Minds are disturbed. 
And it’s here I’ll stay
In another dismal day…

Lost.  Alone.  Sick of circumstance.  Sick of life.  Sick of me.
No place to go.  Nowhere to turn. No one to turn to.
Insanity rules.  Mazes rock worlds. 
Pain reigns supreme.
Hearts break.
Tempers flare.
Madness governs life’s lunacies.
And it’s here I’ll stay
In another dismal day…

Evening draws.  Exhaustion is king. 
Sadness creeps as meltdowns are eminent.
In the nigh - reflections dance in the eyes of the beholder.
Judgments are made. 
Decisions are pondered. 
Loved ones are cursed.
Heart-break resides in my melancholy home.
And it’s here I’ll stay
In another dismal day…

Heed my cry – Father of Forgiveness,
Creator of Light, Custodian of Hearts.
Hear my words.  Feel my soul.  Know my pain.
Observe my motivations. 
Absolve my idiocy. 
Exonerate my being.
Grant pardon to Thy lost and despondent angel -
As I fight to stay
Near Thy path from which I stray…

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