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Entry for Cissy's What Animal Am I Contest?
I have wrote about the wolf being my spirit guide. If I had to choose what animal I am, I would have to say that I am a wolf. A wolf means loyalty, perseverance, intuition and spirit. I am loyal to my family and friends. I have always been a good wife and mother. A wolf is a good parent. A wolf is loyal to his mate. Perseverance. I am trying to pursue my career in my writing. I may never get to be a writer like Danielle Steel but I am not giving up. I have worked in nursing for over thirty years and it is no longer the job I want but I am loyal and stay with it. A wolf doesn't give up. He searches for food and stalks his prey until he captures it. I complete what I start. It may take awhile but I get the job done. A wolf has spirit and the Native Americans saw that the wolf was like them. The wolf fought for survival for him and his family. Even thought I am not fighting to survive, life is a struggle for all of us at times. We are struggling to keep the planet green and keep the earth for future generations. The wolf wants to survive and he wants his species to continue being on the earth. I have that connection with the wolf.

You have heard the expression: I am a lone wolf. A wolf can be alone but they do have family. If their family dies, that would make him or her a lone wolf. I work midnights and I used to work by my self at night and I am alone during the day. My husband is at work. Being alone in the daytime is alright with me. I have my cat but I am a lone wolf. A wolf doesn't want any problems with man kind or any problems. He is peaceful. He doesn't attack humans unless he is being stalked or hunted or if the poor animal has rabies. I don't want to fight with others, either. I am like a wolf in this respect. I feel that I am a wolf. I want to survive on this planet. I don't want my race to become extinct. Wolves are beautiful. They are one of the most beautiful animals on the earth. I love wolves. Dogs are loyal. Wolves are related to dogs. Some dogs are part wolf and make good pets. Dogs are close to humans. Wolves can be close to humans, too. I am loyal like a wolf. I go after what I want. I feel I have good intuition. I do have spirit. What kind of animal I am? I am a wolf. Being part Cherokee, makes my connection to the wolf a strong bond. I am happy thinking that I am like a wolf.
Picture of a wolf for NA Writing Assignment 4.
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