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What is the solution for all that is wrong in the world today? Read on to find out.
                                                                  The Utopian Nation

Terrorism, racism, sociocultural hatred and isolation, political apathy, individual ignorance, degradation of human and moral values, and the first thing that comes to my mind is what is the world coming to? Why are we so hell bent on destroying this beautiful abode of ours and making us ashamed of our lives as human beings?

I am an Indian and there are lots of problems in India. But when you think of it a little more you will realize that the problems I mentioned above are not exclusive to just India. What is at stake today is not the dignity of just my fellow Indians, but that of humanity itself. And the biggest tragedy is that most of us are so self centered that we simply ignore what is happening around us, as if it will never affect us. How can we be so sure that we will not be the next target of a terrorist’s bullet, or the hatred of a particular section of our own society? How can we be so sure that no one will ever rob us of our basic right to free and fair life? How can we be so sure that WE will be spared of the socioeconomic apocalypse that the world is witnessing today?

So is the situation as bad as I am trying to portray? Maybe not. Maybe I am just exaggerating. Or maybe I am just a cynic. But my question is should we wait for the situation to become intolerable for each of us, and only then we will do something?

But what can you do? You are a student living on the pocket money given by your dad, or you are a working professional barely managing to survive the thrashing of the economic recession and somehow managing to fulfill your and your family’s requirements, or maybe you are a housewife busy taking care of the needs of your family. Surely you can’t do anything, you are so full of your own problems! This is what the government is supposed to do. It their responsibility. Well, I will come to this point a little later, but for now -


That you are a proud citizen of a nation without any boundaries, a nation where everyone is welcome without any restrictions whatsoever, where there is self government, where there are no political parties, a nation where there are no restrictions on free speech and free living, where everyone has an equal right to all the resources available, where everyone is encouraged to dream big and everyone is given all the support possible to fulfill those dreams, where everyone is bound to each other not by any charter or law by mutual love for each other, where everyone has a right to knowledge and wisdom, where there are no religious intolerance, no casteism, no racism, no hatred, where a child is allowed to be a child and women are allowed the same status in all respects as men, where there is no opression, no injustice, no exploitation of the weak and the poor, where everyone has a role to play in nation building and everyone understands and fulfills their duties towards the nation. A nation where humanity is given a chance to achieve the greatness it deserves. A nation founded on the universal principles of truth, justice, freedom, equality, peace and love.

Would you like to become citizens of such a nation? If yes then don’t sit quiet. Do something!

But surely what can you do? You are just a common man. And so am I. I wish I was as powerful as Barack Obama, but I am not, just like all of you. So how can you or I change the world? Trust me, I have absolutely no idea whether You or I can change the world, or whether this newsletter will be successful in what it dreams of achieving.

But there is one thing I am absolutely sure of. I can change myself, and you can change yourself. And both of us together can inspire someone else to change himself or herself, and before we even realize it, you and I would have started the biggest revolution in the history of humanity: self revolution.

The twenty first century doesn’t need a revolution that involves lots of money or guns or ammunition, or mobilization of millions of people, or dethroning kings or changing governments. No. All that it needs is a revolution that takes place in your mind and your heart. Isn’t it so beautiful that if we all decide to change ourselves, there would be no need for any revolution?

And isn’t it amazing that this concept of a utopian nation, wouldn’t be utopian anymore, if just you and I decide to do quietly what we ought to do, everyday, taking one step at a time?

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