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Yedi the bat loses his glow in the dark collar and Kianna's got to find it. But how?
         Kianna had a problem.  It wasn’t that big of a deal really. At least to anyone else, but it bothered her incessantly as she crawls around the living room floor, lifting rugs and looking under tables.
         Her traveling companion Edward watches her from his seat on the couch, peering at her over his magazine. His slightly bemused expression goes unnoticed as she crawls around. The focus of her problem sits in the middle of her floor, watching her with bright black eyes. She scowls at him occasionally before finally sitting up on her knees before him. They stare at each other a long moment, black eyes meeting her hazel ones in completely innocence. Kianna flips her bright red hair out of her face before planting both hands on her hips.
         “All right Yedi, where is it.” She asks. Yedi the bat simply stares at her, his head tilting to the side slowly. Neither of them moves a moment, and then Kianna scowls. Still the bat doesn’t move.
         “No banana’s for you unless you go get it.” Kianna says rather threateningly. Yedi’s ears wilt slightly but still he does not move. On the couch near them Edward chuckles.
         “Maybe he really doesn’t know where it is.” Edward suggests. Kianna turns on him, scowling.
         “Oh he does. He does this occasionally. I have to find it.” Kianna states. Edward laughs.
         “It’s not like you can’t see him when he’s flying at night anyway. You have great night vision.” Edward says. Kianna’s gaze darkens.
         “Just because vampires can see well in the dark does not mean that I don’t want him to wear that collar. You need to be able to see him too. ” Kianna states rather sharply. Edward shrugs.
         “I’m a demi-god remember? I’ve got better eyesight than you do.”  Kianna’s scowl darkens even more and Edward laughs again, putting his magazine down and rising.
         “All right, all right. I’ll go look for it too.” He says, laughing slightly as he walks from the room. “It is probably caught somewhere as he climbed down from a roost or something.” He states.
         "I will find that collar!" He hears Kianna proclaim loudly as he disappears into the kitchen.

         Kianna goes back to staring at the bat before suddenly her eyes brighten and she snaps her fingers, jumping to her feet.

         Edward searches the kitchen, his gaze barely skimming over the room before he ducks down to look under the table. Nothing there. He is about to head toward the bedroom when suddenly he hears Kianna speak a sharp command in Gaelic, shriek, then nearly hysterical laughter.
         He walks into the living area and frowns when he sees it empty.
         "Kianna?" He calls, about to duck down to look under the tables.
         "Found it!" Kianna exclaims. Looking up he simply shakes his head as he sees Kianna perched on one of the rafters high over his head, Yedi clinging to her back. She waves the collar in the air, the thick cord of leather glowing brightly in her hand.
         "You and that collar." He murmurs, shaking his head. Kianna laughs again, nearly losing her balance on the rafter.
“How often do you get a collar that glows in the dark?” Kianna asks.
Edward steps forward, prepared to catch her lest she fall when suddenly Kianna tosses the collar at him and swings her legs down over the rafter, grinning at him. He frowns at her, Yedi looking at him with almost a fearful expression from over Kianna's shoulder before Kianna suddenly leans back.
         Edward steps forward to catch her but she simply swings back and forth slightly, laughing hysterically. Her hair falls in a wild mass as she hangs upside down.
         Edward watches, trying very hard not to laugh as well as Yedi scrambles for purchase, climbing precariously back up Kianna's back and onto the rafter to hang upside down beside her.
         Seeing this causes Kianna to laugh even harder, her arms grasping her sides as Edward walks around her.
         Her face is bright red, her hazel eyes dancing as Edward tilts his head to the side to look her in the eye.
         "Told you I would find it!" Kianna states before dissolving into another fit of laughter.
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