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A long walk off a short pier
A man once took a long walk off a short pier.  No one knows for sure the reason for this adventure, here is one possible explanation. 

The sky was filled with dark flat grey clouds that even the sun was not allowed to shine through, they cast a bluish grey tinge over the crystal clear water which reflected the clouds and distant shoreline in its glassy sheen. It was late fall and the cool mornings had arrived.

Hovering above the grey sand that covered the bottom of the shallow lake, a short pier jutted out thirty feet.  It was an ordinary pier, nothing unique, lightly covered in the early morning frost.

The mans interest was piqued when out for his morning stroll when he noticed a single pair of footprints heading out to the far end of the pier to where it hovered above the water as if on air, no footprints led back.  The pier was empty, not a single soul around.

Odd, he thought.  There were no boats tied at the pier last night, no place to tie one and he was the only person out here.  He, always came out the cottage alone at this time of year as his wife was not the adventerous type.  Puzzled, he stood for a moment looking out onto the lake, covered in a light mist, for someone swimming, while entertaining the thought.  Too damn cold!! 

Perplexed, he scratched his head and started out onto the pier, slipping on the frost he almost fell taking his first step onto the frost covered planks.  Noticing that the footprints were made by someone with bare feet, he stopped and looked back at the shore, looking for clothes or shoes, nothing, not even footprints besides his in the sand.

He continued towards the piers end while looking about for a person in the water, not seeing a living thing, it did not occur to him there was no sound at all either.  He arrived at the end of the pier, to where the footprints ended.

Looking across the mirrored finish of the water at the distant shoreline, he marvelled at its stillness, this lake was known for its constant wind rushing across its surface creating unfavourable boating conditions.

As his glance lowered down from the far shoreline in towards the pier, he spied a body floating just below the surface.  He dove into the water without a second thought, much to his suprise he did not enter the water with a splash!!

He floated a few inches above the waters cool surface, as he floated in shock, the body slowly turned over from its facedown position and he stared down looking into his own face.

Damn, he thought, his wife had always told him his sleepwalking would be the death of him.  While sleepwalking, he had taken a long walk off a short pier.

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