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by Jaiam
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Sometimes the answer is no!
Image of a woman in prayer


GOD of all things.
GOD of the biggest, big
And smallest, small things.

GOD whom all hopes rest within,
Who cannot fail us,
And whose answers see
Beyond our reckoning.

What my GOD,
Becomes of prayers
Raised up in deepest need
With whispered breath?

Or amid the most bitter tears,
Poured out in near hopelessness?
Are they less worthy to be made real,
By YOU who can do all things?

Is it the ripples that flow,
From the granting of those,
Impacting everyone and everything,
More than we can ever know,
That makes YOU sometimes answer
"No, my child, this is not for you."

Or perhaps, having what we think we desire most,
Here where we see but dimly,
Will come at far to great a cost
For YOU to let those YOU love bear.
When there is so much more in store,
For those who love and trust in YOU, O LORD.

Perhaps that is why
YOU are
The GOD of all things.

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