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same character as in knife, new woman new adventure
         I go up the stairs and I know that she is already waiting for me. I want to quicken my step in anticipation of what is to come, but no I hold back and take my time. I remove my tie and begin to unbutton my shirt as I walk down the hall glancing at the pictures of both sides of the family that cover the walls. I slowly open the doors on each side of the hall, open them just a crack to check to see that all is as it should be, and then quietly close them again. I check each room until I get to the room at the end of the hall. The door at the end of the hall is already cracked open and a soft light seeps through the opening.

         As I open the final door a smile spreads across my face as I take in the candles that are spread throughout the room, filling it with it with their soft glow. I take in the entire room until my eyes settle on Her. She has tied herself to the bed; I can see that she has used slipknots to tie her hands to the post after ensuring that her ankles are secure. Her dark hair is spread around her head like a dark halo on the white pillow. The silk sheet is draped over her like a toga, covering one of her perfectly shaped breasts and leaving the other exposed, the sheet then spreads out across her stomach the comes together again at her hips to go between her shapely legs and then spread out again under them.

         She has covered her eyes with a red blindfold and does not realize that I have entered the room until the door softly clicks closed behind me. When she hears the click her face turns in my direction and she favors me with the most beautiful smile in the world.

         I finish removing my shirt as I cross the room. I lightly trace my finger along her leg to let her know where I am, but mostly to feel her skin that is smother and softer that the silk that surrounds her. When I get to her hip I let my fingers glide upon the silk, tracing my way along her body and across her silk covered breast, feeling her nipple grow harder at my touch. I bring my fingers up and let them rest momentarily on her throat. I glide my hand along her throat and neck until I get to her ear, then I trace the line of her jaw and chin with one finger until I reach the other ear. I then trace her lips with the tip of my finger, moving my hand away whenever the tip of her tongue darts out. I cup her face in both of my hands, whispering about how soft and beautiful she is in a voice so filled with lust and wonder that it doesn’t even sound like my own.

         I lower my face to within an inch of hers, breathing in her scent and tasting the wine on her breath. My mouth just above hers, our mouths both slightly open in anticipation. My tongue flicks out just touching each of her lips, then to flick softy against the tip of her tongue. A moan escapes her, more felt than heard.

         All restraint ended, our mouths finally our mouths are finally crushed together with force enough to grind the teeth against the insides of our lips. Our tongues intertwining, moans and gasps of breath escaping both of us. I can feel her hands pulling at her bonds as I push away the sheet trying to touch everywhere at once.

         My mouth moves away from hers, traveling down to her throat. I cover her throat and neck with kisses, licks, and nibbles. The entire time soft moans escape her mouth, while her hands try harder to escape her bonds.

         I move my down her chest to her breast, kissing, licking, biting, caressing, fondling, and squeezing those perfect mounds, teasing her nipples to full erection. I make my way down her stomach and across to her hip. Then I move down the outside of her leg until I reach her ankle, then I kiss and lick my way up the inside her leg giving little bites on the more tender areas, until I get to about mid-thigh then I move myself back up to the middle of her stomach and kiss my way down her other leg, down to the ankle and then back up the inside of her leg.

         I reach the top of her legs and stop, waiting, feeling the heat that emanates from her, feeling her legs trembling against me as they too try to escape their bonds, listening to her as she tries to control her breathing, knowing what is going to happen next. Letting the pressure, the wanting builds. Then slowly softly I touch her with my tongue, letting it gently touch her and I feel her stiffen at the contact. Then I stop, waiting again, for just a minute I let her wait. Then I go in not holding anything back, licking sucking, biting, feeling her pull against the ropes that tie her, feeling her whole body shake, as moans getting louder every minute leave her mouth. Feeling her lift herself off the bed, and then grind herself against my face as she gives into the throws of ecstasy. Doing until she is panting and begging me to stop, going until I know that she can’t take it any more. Then I stop, and slowly kiss my way back up her stomach and chest allowing her and myself some time to regain control of ourselves to slow back down.

         I stand up to remove my pants and to rub my fingers against her fevered skin, feeling her shiver beneath my finger tips. Looking at her, admiring her, wanting her, needing her. I step out of my pants and get back on top of her letting her feel me on top of her.

         I gently rub myself against her, not letting myself enter her yet, building the desire for her to even greater levels. I pull the blind fold off of her needing to see her eyes as I enter her, needing to watch them widen and then roll back as I slowly put all of myself into her. Our pace quickens and again she is trying to get out of the bonds that she put herself in. I watch her eyes and know by them when to slow down, speed up, go harder, or when to ease up. I watch her knowing when she has reached a smaller climax. I watch her as I pump, grind, move, caress, grope, kiss and nuzzle, and when I see that she is reaching her peak, about to have a screaming orgasm, I stop.

         I get up off of her, put my clothes back on, and leave the room without even looking at her. I come back in the room a few minutes later carrying her husband, who I put on the bed beside her. I strip his clothes off, not paying attention to the blood on his shirt from slicing his throat earlier in the evening before arriving at her house. I lay her husband beside her and drape his arms lovingly over her. Ignoring her wordless screams. I leave the room again, and when I have come back I have found the oil for the two oil lamps in the room, I splash some of it about the room then pour some under the bed. I then take a couple of the candles and place them near the windows, opening the window to let the breeze in. I take one of the oil lamps and smash it against the floor letting the flames touch the oil I had already poured there. I turn to leave the room noticing that the drapes over the windows have already caught flame.

         I walk out the house walking the couple blocks to where we left my car, taking only hers to the house. Thinking about how my children are too old for bedtime stories and how my wife isn’t as interested in sex as she once was. Well maybe I can kill a few aliens with the kids and maybe a glass of wine and a movie with the wife.

         I get to my car and look back. I can already see the black smoke filling the sky. Stupid bitch shouldn’t have let her husband find out about us.

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