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Musing of conflicts in today's love scene
As I step outside in the chill mountain air
Looking at jagged skyline
I reach back through the years, finding love and regret
Through the memories that only are mine
As I gaze to the stars deep in the silent sky night
I then hear a movement inside
“Are you coming back in?” sounding sleepy and light
“Very soon.” I conveniently lied
In truth I want to remember that past
And let go of the chains that bind me
I’m curious to see a love that would last
And how glorious, that life would be
She comes out beside me, and nuzzles my chin
Dark hair tousled, dreamy eyes still asleep
I wonder how this angel would see my great sin
If my secrets and past wouldn’t keep
I smell her sweet scent in the mountain breeze
Feel her small frame close to my own
Thinking of her makes me weak in my knees
A unique love only we’ve known
She understands how I’m made, through love and loss
Yet my soul she still tries to save
As I stare down the bedstream covered in moss
Hiding emotions I always will stave
I hear her whisper, “I love you you know”
As my heart swells up deep inside
Feeling my love and my mind grow
Filling my life with her pride
She understands this, and probably more
As she reaches up to kiss my cheek
I watch her slowly walk through my door
Wishing that was all that I seek
I cuddle next to her in my bed
I live to listen for her soft sigh
I gently kiss the top of her head
“I love you too”, I wish I could lie
As she drifts off to sleep in the mountain air
In her nightclothes of satin and lace
I long for our future…my soul is now bare
As a single tear rolls down my face

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