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A list of things I want to do before I die (been writing it since I was about 8).
My Wish List:
In no particular order (the order I picked them out of the box I keep them in) these are things I’ve decided I want to do before my time runs out.
1. Fall in love
2. Figure out what “normal” really is…
3. Have my first kiss
4. Fly
5. Sing (again)
6. Dance (again)
7. Get married
8. Stand on top of the World
9. Witness a miracle
10. See my loved ones smile, all at once, for the right reasons.
11. Graduate
12. Win an award
13. Have a child
14. Find someone who is as obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe as I am.
15. Travel the world
16. Make a difference
17. Build/live in my dream house
18. Save a life
19. Drive faster than time
20. Do something dangerous
21. Get a tattoo
22. Win a Nobel Prize… for something
23. Win a game of bowling against Bisha (I don’t know why, but this kid is beast at bowling…)
24. Find my happy place (for all those people who think I’m mental, I’m not…I swear)
25. Play sports
26. Discover something important
27. Win the lottery
28. Rule the world
29. Read a mind
30. Make contact with the supernatural (not talking about Brent)
31. Have a building named after me
32. Take a chance
33. Eliminate discrimination (based on sexual preference, race, beliefs, etc.) We all have our rights.
34. Stop caring
35. Eliminate useless phrases from human vocabulary (“I’m sorry”, “I love you but…”, etc.)
36. Salvage my soul (because I am long past going to hell…)
37. Share all my secrets with someone special
38. Run my own life
39. Share Zach’s and my journal with the world (I want this as a last request of sorts because it won’t be finished until I can no longer write in it) +R.I.P.+
40. Make a better world for those who come after me
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