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by fyn
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Words to a supposed friend before his sentencing.

I thought I knew you.

You: safe, comforting
I've known you for years
ever convenient shoulder
ear to listen--I trusted you:
masked savage with
heart of hollow stone.

I took the stand as much
to defend myself
as to condemn you
for you have pinioned me
to live henceforth
in the shadows of your actions.

You tore dignity to shreds
even while you tore me asunder.
Amethyst fingerprint necklace left behind
as garnet blood pooled beneath me.
Diamond edged scratches marked me
not as your friend; but as your plunder.

I had to bare witness
splay myself open before strangers
feel their eyes searching
reveal my naked emotion.
That choice I made freely
unlike your false truth forced upon me.

You, having been found guilty
for the aggravated assault and rape
of my person:
Hear Me.
Know this Truth.
you did not touch my Soul.

I did not know you at all.

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Prompt for Week 2--
In an article in the Lawrence Journal World entitled "Most attacks involve an acquaintance," reporter Christine Metz wrote on the topic of rape in a major college town. Here are is an excerpt from her article:

You're brought up to fear the dark alley. The media don't paint rapists as boyfriends or dating partners or friends of friends...

A study done at KU (University of Kansas) several years ago found that women were more frightened of stranger rape than of acquaintance rape... The women were also more likely to modify their behavior to prevent such rapes, even though they knew acquaintance rapes were more common.

The reason for the gap... was that women believed "their friends wouldn't do that."

"We can make sure we have extra locks, we can make sue we have good lighting... those kind of things give us a sense that we have control in keeping ourselves."

"Historically, we teach our children to be afraid of strangers. We trust people around us."

"The unknown is what causes people to be uneasy."
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