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by Ani
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Emotions and feelings one douses her or himself into once they fall in love.
Anywhere you go, and you feel lost;
Anyone you talk to, and yet you feel lonely;
Some shoulder to rest your head on;
And yet you don't find the solace...

Remember that there's always a place in my heart for you,
A place so vast that anyone but you would be lost;

Because for you my heart opens up to a new spectrum of light,
To enlighten the face my eyes refuse to forget...

A new spectrum of musical notes;
Which chime along together the moment I think of you...

A new spectrum of hopes which keeps me looking forward,
To the day when I would have you in my arms,
So as to feel your heart beating with mine...

Remember that I am, will and always will be there,
To hear the lowest of your wails, the highest pitched tantrum,
Or just a joyful laughter of yours...

Because your voice gives me the tranquility,
Which even the most silent and beautiful evening,
Fails to give me when I think of you..

Because your voice runs through my ears as tunes of harmony,
Which even the early morning bird fails to give the rising sun;

Because your voice still reminds me that the world is not yet over,
And that I will keep groping through every dark moment in a hope
To see you come back to my life, enlightening it forever...

Remember that even if you don't find solace,
And a shoulder to rest your head upon,
I am always there for you and can't possibly bear to see you cry...

Because each tear downing your face breaks my heart bit by bit,
Because each time you wail and moan,
It tears every nerve and shivers run by me...

Because each time you cry out for me,
Remember that at the same time,
I look up at the skies to pray to God,
To keep you safe while I drain my tears silently,
Only for you....
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