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Thoughts on a beautiful morning.
The morning yawns and stretches
throwing aside a darkened blanket,
pushing the moon and stars away.
A hastily shoved open shutter reveals
soft morning sun creeping over sill.

Throwing aside a darkened blanket,
that both protects and binds,
"give me freedom to go forth,"
demands/begs the hungry dawn.
Day has indeed finally come.

Pushing the moon and stars away,
a cold dish of salty appetizers,
is moved away to make room.
The main course is here
a plate full of sunshine bright.

A hastily shoved open shutter reveals
the mourning dove softly calling.
"Coo, Coo." Love in the air
as she silently wings away
upon a whispering breeze.

Soft morning sun creeping over sill
barely awakens gentle shadows
to dance and prance upon the floor.
In a celebration of renewed life
the minutes slowly gather together.

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