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A recent attempt to define the meaning of life...
To be is to be and whatever one may interpret from that, for life is a beautiful piece of art. Yet like art it has no primary function other than to be itself. Therefore it can mean that life has no exact meaning, unless it is first processed by the mind, which provides an interpretation which can then be further adjusted by each individual until they find their own viewpoints

To provide a metaphoric example: the lines on the page, the dents in the wood, are only lines or dents. Until someone views this and sees it as a recreated image (a painting) or a sculpture. In actual fact it is not what it represents, it is itself. And it is a collection of lines or dents. The fact that it is a reflection of something else is only there because the human mind put it there; it interpreted something from it.

To apply this, we are the lines, or the dents. Like them our purpose is to be, and any further insight, and anything that one can draw from being, is in fact only an interpretation of what it is to be. When in actual fact the only purpose that being has is to be.

However I am not saying that life has no purpose at all; we have a purpose to be, and to be we must complete a series of tasks to continue to exist, and to be happy in our existence. I am not saying we should abandon these tasks, for if we did we would cease to be, and in doing that we would forget our purpose. From this, what is seemingly a , pessimistic idea we can say that if the purpose is to be, then we should thrive on being and be as much of ourselves as we can so to maximise our being.

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