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based on a true story
And there we were
Stuck in the moment like a photograph
Tried not to look
Knowing once our eyes met there was no turning back
Convince myself that it wasn’t him
But I know I’m wrong
and I’ll never win
Cause I know those eyes
and that crooked smile
Didn’t change much since the night that you left.

Except this time you aren’t driving away
As I watched helplessly soaked in the rain
First time i met you i knew my life would change
Now that your gone I’ll never be the same.

You helped me live a life I never knew existed
Taught me things I never thought I’d need to know
Showed me how to be the person I resisted
But never taught me how the hell to let you go.

Showed me how it feels to walk the line
Helped me live a life that wasn’t mine.

Then time flew by
has it been two whole years? guess i am losong track
cause when you left
i promised myself that i'd never look back
but there you are
in perfect view
as i step into
this smoke filled room
and there onyour arm
is another blonde
i rolled my eyes thinkin i was all wrong

you'd think that maybe you'd man up and say hi
but no you didnt even look my in the eye
and i thought that maybe you could be the right guy
but it seems all you did was fuck up my life

how did this happen
i cannot remember
two years and still counting
since early september
you broke all the rules and taught me how to fly
then ripped out my heart and left me to die

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